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Teaching & Training – A Passion Profession

Teachers and instructors have the unique ability to influence business and society by spreading knowledge through learned teaching techniques. For individuals with a passion for knowledge and change, a career in teaching and training is an excellent choice. There are also a range of teaching assistant training courses to choose from which are ideally suited for individuals wanting to perform supporting functions.

Training professionals may be required to train individuals who will, in turn, do training. This is called train the trainer and in many cases, the individual receiving the training will then go on to teach company specific information to other employees. Often this individual would have received very little training, and the training they do receive, is usually aimed at updates to training content, rather than the techniques of training. This is where the train the trainer courses prove to be extremely beneficial. 

Corporate Trainers

Corporate trainers working as either in-house instructors or freelance training providers have the ability to establish and shape a company’s culture, from the inside out. As the key resource for transmitting knowledge on a company’s standards of professionalism, their values and expectations, trainers set the standard for how information is created, shared and implemented. 

Beyond ensuring that employees and manager have the skills they need to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently, a motivated and competent trainer can be the difference between success and failure in an organisation. This is due to the critical role of training in employee development, which is intrinsically related to sustained growth and innovation. That is, a lack of employee development can result in both stagnant innovation and employee dissatisfaction. Both phenomena are equally destructive to a growing organisation. Taking teaching courses will enable the corporate trainer to acquire the latest techniques for delivering high impact learning interventions.

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