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Personal Development

Last updated: 16/12/2021

7 Effective Strategies to Meet Your Deadlines

In this guest post, Sherri Carrier offers 7 tips to help you complete your work by the deadline.

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Last updated: 09/12/2021

How to Choose the Best Training Courses for Your Learning Needs

Are you thinking about taking a new course but unsure where to begin? We interviewed a range of experienced learners in order to bring you their top 4 tips on finding the right training course for you. Discover what steps you can take to start your learning journey today!

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Last updated: 25/11/2021

How to Successfully Pass a Job Interview

In this guest article, Jess Cooper shares 6 top tips to help you succeed in your next interview and get the job you want.

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Last updated: 23/11/2021

How To Balance Work & Studies

In this guest post, Shefali Onawale offers 5 tips on how to keep up with your work, studies and social commitments - and avoid a burnout!

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Last updated: 05/11/2021

How to Handle Stress While Teaching in a Foreign Country

In this guest post, Liza Linvill shares 5 strategies for dealing with some of the pressures you might face while teaching abroad.

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Last updated: 29/04/2022

Top 10 Personal Development Courses

Want to be the best version of yourself both personally and professionally? Check out our top 10 personal development courses today!

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Last updated: 29/04/2022

Top 10 Online Time Management Courses

Ever wondered where all your time goes and wish to get the most out of your day? Browse our top 10 time management courses today!

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Last updated: 21/12/2021

How to Get Your Career Goals Back on Track Post-pandemic

For those who just graduated, lost jobs but have a competitive skill set, or who are trying to change careers, we’ve collected a list of tips to help you navigate and prepare for the future post-pandemic. Here’s what you can do now to help you hit the ground running.

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Last updated: 05/05/2022

Preparing Your Team for Internal Mobility

Read about the top 3 benefits that internal mobility brings to your employees and organisation, and 4 things you as a manager can do to support internal mobility.

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Last updated: 04/04/2022

8 Tips to Turn your Hobby into a Career

Have you found yourself dreaming about taking a leap of faith and pursuing a career in your new hobby, but don’t know where to begin? We’ve gathered advice and recommendations from people all over the globe who have successfully transformed their hobby into a real job. Read on for inspiration and 8 kick-start tips to turn your favourite hobby into a rewarding career.

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U.K. L&D Report: 2019 - Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

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