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More about IT Security

Information technology (IT) security involves the storage and protection of electronic information, data, and records from unauthorised and fraudulent use. In this digital age, many businesses, corporations, financial institutions, etc. are storing vital and confidential information electronically. Accordingly, it is more important than ever to ensure that this information is secure from hackers looking to use private information to engage in illegal activities.

Protecting confidential information is a customer requirement, and a breach in security could result in law suits, stolen identities and even bankruptcy of a business. As you can imagine, individuals who are responsible for the security and integrity of infrastructure and databases are in high demand, as more and more companies are turning to electronic storage. Aviation and military organisations also emphasise cybersecurity as a means for keeping confidential information secure. IT security courses allow delegates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the core principles of information security.

IT Security Courses

This quickly growing division of the IT field can provide you with a successful career and IT security courses can help you obtain the knowledge to get there.

Training courses in IT security are designed to cover the following areas:

  • Network security policies
  • Encryption standards
  • Authentication procedures
  • Manuplation of ports of protocols
  • Preventing hacker penetration
  • Intrusion detection


Cisco is the one of the world leaders in network technology and provides many businesses with their network solutions. Training in Cisco systems allows delegates to obtain vital knowledge to deal with these solutions. Businesses rely on these technologies to streamline their operations and they need individuals who can manage their network capabilities efficiently and effectively. Learn about this interesting and growing division or stay up-to-date with the changing technologies by attending a training course.

SQL and Databases

Training courses in SQL and Databases concentrate on the complex programming language designed for the management of data and intricate database management systems. This language is used to maintain databases and to manipulate and retrieve data within the database system. Knowledge in SQL and other database management solutions are vital and irreplaceable to many businesses.

ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITIL refers to a set of IT management guidelines and documentation used to manage and streamline IT infrastructure and IT services. ITIL is used to customise and build effective IT services and provide businesses with proven solutions and policies proposed to deal with issues that often arise in understanding and improving IT services. Courses in ITIL give delegates a holistic view of IT solutions and best practice solutions which are highly demanded by companies and organisations. IT security courses are available to complement all of these tech areas.

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