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What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the preferred spreadsheet software programme across the professional and personal sphere. As a market-dominating product, Microsoft Excel can be found on home and work computers across the globe.

Microsoft Excel courses allow participants to work hands-on with the programme as they become familiar with its interface and learn how its features can be used to build spreadsheets and work with data.

The dynamic programme is primarily used as a tool for storing, organising and manipulating data. Within this spectrum, Microsoft Excel is an extremely effective and efficient tool. Since its initial development in 1982, the programme has grown to include a sophisticated portfolio of features. Today, Microsoft Excel can be used  both as a data storage and manipulation tool and a VBA programming tool, each with an extended collection of features and possibilities.

Data and Excel courses

Modern versions of Microsoft Excel can accommodate a nearly endless amount of cells, rows and columns, filled with unique data. With comprehensive possibilities in commands and excel formulae, Microsoft Excel users can effectively sort, organise and manage data for various purposes, including statistical analysis, the presentation of data and data export.

VBA programming and Excel courses

When used on a Windows platform, Microsoft Excel can be used to easily programme via Microsoft’s Visual Basic  for Applications (VBA) programme. Microsoft Excel courses for programming teach programmers to manipulate data in an advanced and tailored manner, including specified areas for writing debugging and organising code.

What is Excel used for?

Microsoft Excel is the most widely accepted spreadsheet tool and it is used for a wide range of business purposes. Microsoft Excel is mainly used to process and analyse data or lists, however the programme has a plethora of uses.

Individuals enrolled in Microsoft Excel courses can use it to create charts or graphs and perform various functions. Many businesses also use Excel to manage budgets, analyse sales data, customer data, staff work hours and so much more. Training through Excel courses is useful to a range of roles and industries as Excel is a complement to everything from finance to office management courses.

Where can I take Excel courses?

Excel courses are available in a variety of formats, including flexible online Excel courses, public scheduled courses and in-house training options from companies seeking to train groups of employees. Regardless of your preference, the high popularity of these courses ensures that you have the option to take your Excel course wherever it is suitable for you.

Is an Excel course right for me?

For individuals looking to enhance their professional profile, advanced knowledge in Microsoft Excel is highly desired in the workplace. If you're new to Excel, you can choose from a selection of Microsoft Excel courses for beginners. As an effective tool for managing data, the programme has become indispensable in the professional environments of data-driven companies.

Excel training is offered in a range of topics for various levels of experience, from introductory to advanced and with the option to specialise in various segments of tasks and features.

Beginner Microsoft Excel courses aim to give participants a basic understanding of the way that Excel works and how it can be used to achieve a desired result. Such courses will touch on rows, columns and cells, as well as techniques for creating formulas and formatting cells.

Advanced Microsoft Excel courses are designed to transform participants into experts in the programme. Delegates of advanced Microsoft Excel courses will learn techniques for VBA for Excel, linking Excel worksheets, creating a Pivot Tables, logical functions and more. There are Microsoft Excel courses for people at all levels from beginner, through intermediary to expert user.

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