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Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office suite of products is among the most commonly used software package in the home and professional environments. It is made up of highly practical desktop applications, servers and services, which operate smoothly and efficiently on both Windows and OS X operating systems.

The complete suite is made up of the popular Microsoft Office products, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and OneNote, as well as a collection of server applications and web services. Designed to seamlessly work together, the product bundle offers convenient solutions for many administrative and technical tasks. Microsoft Office courses enable individuals to get the most out of this widely used product suite - be it for home or office use.

Microsoft Office in the Workplace

The Microsoft Office products which comprise the complete Microsoft Office suite are staples in any business environment. From Outlook for sending, receiving and managing email communication to Access for database management, the complete suite is an indispensable business resource.

At its most basic level, the Microsoft products Word, Excel and Outlook have become fundamental in the way that professionals interact with and use computers. They are the building blocks of office communication and key administrative tasks.

Microsoft Office for Students and the Home

In addition to the workplace environment, Microsoft Office has many uses and has become equally popular with students and private individuals. The ubiquity of technology and personal home computers has contributed to the necessity for tools and programs that simplify email communication, document design and creation and data storage and organisation. The Microsoft product, OneNote has also become a popular tool for students and individuals to easily collect multi-format notes, drawings, screenshots, audio and more into one accessible and organised location.

Microsoft Office Courses & Training

Microsoft Office suite is one of the most common and practical sets of computer software. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is highly useful, if not necessary in many business environments. By participating in Microsoft Office courses, participants will stay up-to-date with the latest versions, as well as develop general knowledge of how to complete key tasks in various Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and many more. Training courses in Office 365 are also available, giving training of all the programs used in the software.

As a software suite with many components, comprehensive skills in all programs are required to fully benefit from the Microsoft office. Courses in the area are typically practical in design and are available at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and can be tailored to any participant’s needs.

Introductory Microsoft Office courses may provide individuals with an overview of each product and how it can benefit the user and interact with complementary products. Other introductory courses may focus on one of the several MS Office programs. For a beginners, skills in Microsoft Office can dramatically improve one’s value in the workplace as well as general efficiency in technical tasks. Training courses in VBA will help understand the language of many MS Office programs such as Excel and PowerPoint. 

Advanced Microsoft Office courses offer participants the opportunity to obtain certification as a Microsoft Application Specialist (MCAS) or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). These certifications provide individuals with applicable knowledge that will assist in the progression of successful careers in many different fields. With comprehensive skills in the complete Microsoft Office suite, the possibilities are endless.

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