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A career in social work

Getting involved in social work is a great decision for those interested in lending a helping hand to those in need within their community. Whether you're interested in childhood and young adult care, drug and alcohol addiction, family welfare, or elderly care, there are multiple paths down which you can take your social work education.

It's frequently cited as being one of the most rewarding career choices; however, it comes with it's fair share of challenges. That's why social work training is fundamental. With the necessary skills to handle work place stress and challenges that commonly arise for social workers, you can be better prepared to face them head on.

Whether you're already active in the field or trying to break into it, a social work training course also increases your chances of getting noticed by employers. With additional social work training on your CV, you demonstrate to an employer that you're committed to professional success and helping your community in the best way that you can.

Social work training is also the perfect opportunity to develop a specialization in the field. Therefore, if you are particulary interested with helping people with addiction, or if you'd prefer to focus on family social work, you can get the necessary experience to be successful.

Social work training

Social work training courses are offered in a variety of subjects and specializations Depending on what skills you are trying to gain or develop determines which training is appropriate for you. For example, consider some of the following:

LGBTQ aid - Members of the LGBTQ community are particularly vulnerable. Learn about the specific issues that effect this community so that you can be raedy to assist in the best way you can. Training will include helping LGBTQ individuals to maintain equality in the work place, helping families with LGBTQ-related issues, and making sure LGBTQ individuals receive the health care they deserve across the lifespan.

Child and adolescent neglect - Childhood neglect is a sad reality that affects all communities around the world. That's why it's necessary for social workers to step in and act as an advocate for those without a strong voice to defend themselves. Learn intervention techniques and how to spot the warning signs so that you can fight to end childhood neglect in your community.

Mental health - Issues related to mental health are often hard to spot as the signs are not always visible. Furthermore, each individual experiences mental health issues differently, thus it requires a very specific plan to keep said individuals living a happy healthy life.