Professional Training Courses in Norway

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Norway boasts some of the most prestigious training providers in Europe and is an excellent choice for delegates who wish to embark upon a wide variety of training and courses in a unique environment.
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Why choose a professional development course in Norway?

 A wide range of subjects is offered in Norway and students will discover an emphasis on courses in finance and banking, engineering and manufacturing, trade and commerce, education and health. Many delegates find that the relaxed way of life in Norway is beneficial and conducive to study, and with some of the finest schools accepting students from all over the world, the atmosphere is cosmopolitan and progressive.

Training in Norway can be a step to a brighter future

Some of the world's leading companies are based in Norway, particularly those involved in oil and petrochemicals, marine biology and commerce and education.  The many courses and training modules that students can choose from can form the first step to a rewarding career. Courses in Norway are also highly appealing to professionals who wish to further their academic qualifications, and get a view of how their unique area of study or expertise translates to the country. Many training providers are able to offer work placements to students as an integral part of courses, and this allows them to get a better understanding of language and customs as well as accepted business practise in their chosen field or sector.

More about Norway

Norway is known for its magnificent scenery and spectacular fjords and seascapes. The country is friendly and welcomes international students who want to take courses in a young, vibrant setting. Oslo is the country's capital city and has all the shopping, nightlife, sporting facilities and fine schools and colleges that students could wish for. It's also known for its impressive architecture and essential stops for visitors include the parliament building Stortinget, the Royal Palace and Oslo University where students take courses in dozens of subjects.

Bergen is also a popular destination, and the country's second largest city has much to offer. It is the gateway to the stunning fjords of western Norway, and boasts many attractions such as the Bergen Art Museum and Bergen Aquarium. Training in Norway allows students to explore exciting destinations such as the Lofoten islands and the Svalbard archipelago which is home to the polar bear and the land of the midnight sun. Making the decision to take courses in Norway allows participants to enjoy a unique overall experience.

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