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Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness Programme

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Course description

Enhancing Personal Effectiveness with Insights Discovery

Course Description:

The Insights Discovery training course is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of themselves and others, fostering personal growth and improved interpersonal relationships. Through the Insights Discovery model, participants will explore their unique preferences, communication styles, and behaviours, gaining valuable insights into how they can adapt and interact more effectively with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand Self: Gain insights into personal preferences, strengths, and areas for development.
  2. Enhance Communication Skills: Learn effective communication techniques tailored to individual preferences.
  3. Improve Relationships: Develop strategies for building stronger connections and collaborating more effectively with others.
  4. Increase Self-Awareness: Recognise the impact of personal behaviors and communication styles on interpersonal dynamics.
  5. Foster Team Collaboration: Explore how Insights Discovery can facilitate teamwork, collaboration, and synergy within teams.
  6. Apply Insights in Professional Settings: Learn practical strategies for leveraging Insights Discovery insights in workplace interactions and decision-making.

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Suitability - Who should attend?

An Insights Discovery course is beneficial for a wide range of individuals across various industries and job roles who seek to enhance their self-awareness, communication skills, and interpersonal effectiveness. Specifically, the following individuals would greatly benefit from attending an Insights Discovery course:

  1. Team Leaders and Managers: Individuals in leadership positions who are responsible for guiding and motivating teams can gain valuable insights into understanding team dynamics, enhancing communication, and fostering collaboration.

  2. Human Resources Professionals: HR professionals involved in talent management, employee development, and team building initiatives can utilize Insights Discovery to enhance recruitment processes, improve team dynamics, and foster a positive organizational culture.

  3. Sales and Customer Service Representatives: Professionals in sales and customer service roles can benefit from Insights Discovery by understanding customer preferences, adapting communication styles, and building stronger rapport with clients.

  4. Project Managers: Project managers seeking to improve team cohesion, communication, and productivity can leverage Insights Discovery to better understand team members' strengths, preferences, and potential areas of conflict.

  5. Individuals Seeking Personal Development: Anyone interested in personal growth, self-awareness, and improving interpersonal relationships can benefit from Insights Discovery by gaining insights into their own behaviors, communication styles, and interaction preferences.

  6. Educators and Trainers: Educators, trainers, and facilitators can incorporate Insights Discovery into their teaching methodologies to enhance student engagement, improve communication, and foster a positive learning environment.

  7. Teams and Workgroups: Cross-functional teams, workgroups, and departments within organizations can undergo Insights Discovery training together to improve collaboration, communication, and teamwork.

  8. Executives and Senior Leaders: Executives and senior leaders can benefit from Insights Discovery by gaining insights into their leadership styles, enhancing communication with stakeholders, and fostering a culture of understanding and collaboration within the organization.

Ultimately, Insights Discovery is suitable for individuals at all levels of an organization who are committed to personal and professional development, effective communication, and building positive and productive relationships with others.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

Training Course Content

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to Insights Discovery: Overview of the Insights Discovery model and its application in personal and professional contexts.
  2. Understanding Personal Preferences: Examination of individual preferences across the four Insights color energies (Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow, and Fiery Red).
  3. Communication Styles: Exploration of communication preferences and techniques for effectively engaging with different personality types.
  4. Building Rapport: Strategies for establishing rapport and building trust with colleagues and clients based on Insights Discovery insights.
  5. Conflict Resolution: Techniques for managing and resolving conflicts by leveraging understanding of individual preferences and behaviors.
  6. Team Dynamics: Insights into team dynamics and collaboration, including strategies for leveraging diverse strengths and preferences within teams.
  7. Personal Development Planning: Reflection on personal insights gained from Insights Discovery and development of action plans for personal growth and effectiveness.

Delivery Options:

  • Onsite Training: Customized training sessions delivered at your organization's premises for maximum convenience and relevance.
  • Virtual Training: Interactive virtual workshops conducted via video conferencing platforms, allowing for remote participation and engagement.

Duration: The duration of the Insights Discovery training course can be customized based on organizational needs and objectives, typically ranging from one to two days.

Certification: Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance, validating their participation and completion of the Insights Discovery training programme and an 18 page comprehensive profile.

What’s Included?

  • Insights Discovery profile, hard and soft copy
  • Set of Insights Discovery bricks
  • Variety of Insights Discovery activities and resources to keep Insights alive
  • Instruction by an expert facilitator an Insights Discovery Licenced Practitioner
  • Small, interactive classes delivered virtually
  • Specialised manual and course materials
  • Personalised certificate of completion


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Jon A
14 Apr 2024
Great course

‘Good re-iteration of 4 quadrants and summing up allowed me to digest/remember the principles’

Ian T
14 Apr 2024
Interesting course

‘Very interesting course, would be good to do a follow up session’

Andy W
14 Apr 2024

(accepting that this was to some extent a pilot). Both presenters were excellent in allowing group involvement and developing the content to suit.’

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