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What is Personal Development or Soft Skills training?

With so much emphasis on the professional element of development, it's important to remember that training that develops personalities will also help businesses be more effective. Confident and happy employees create a dynamic and inspiring work environment, where innovation grows.

Personal effectiveness is a combination of factors, which all impact the overall wellbeing, work performance and personal satisfaction.  Personal Development incorporates many aspects of people's professional lives, and aims to make them better.

Courses that boost your personal effectiveness

Personal effectiveness training includes a broad range of options for those who seek to further develop the key skills and techniques: personal impact, influence, assertiveness and effectiveness in dealings with others. Personal Development courses will help you:

  • Analyse current effectiveness in terms of time and priority management
  • Identify the right situations and techniques to communicate assertively
  • Deal with conflict situations and ‘difficult’ people
  • Consider the most appropriate influencing style(s) to achieve positive results
  • Recognise the factors that contribute to building personal profile and impact
  • How to develop a personal action plan to enhance personal effectiveness at work

In developing the skills and attitudes that bring personal and professional success, mental health plays a significant role. Courses in mental health provide and understanding of essential concepts and techniques that can help improve and sustain mental health.

Personal Development - Explore your options

    In terms of time management and prioritisation, personal development training provides the key to streamlining your efforts towards activities that are valuable for you as an individual and for you as a professional. Some people find it difficult to refuse requests and say ‘No’, or need to learn how to manage their emotions more effectively, for which a Personal Development course can be most helpful.

    Personal Development courses are also aimed at helping people to build up their confidence, and enable people to deal with ‘difficult’ people. Gaining an understanding of ways to persuade and influence others in order to achieve results is often one of the main aims of Personal Development programmes. Personal Development also helps those who wish to raise their own personal profile and impact. Personal Development is a broad and complex topic, often referred to in some instances as 'self-help' and covers the following areas:

    • Workload management
    • Time management: pressure
    • Using the right language: negative and positive
    • Placing blame: can raise or lower stress
    • Taking control pro-actively
    • Understanding perception
    • Motivation and inspiration
    • Organisation and efficiency
    • Increasing creativity

      Find yourself facing time constraint to attend these courses? Then these short term personal development courses may be extremely helpful to you.

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      In collaboration with MPW Learning, a programme called ‘Leadership Pathway Programme’ was designed to bring all of the skills of a large high street charity organisation management team up to date. After introduction of the programme, common working practices were restructured, productivity increased and management satisfaction improved.

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