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More about Training Courses in the South East

South East England is the third largest of the nine regions of the United Kingdom, spanning across fourteen ceremonial counties, and one of the most densely populated areas in the country, with a diversified economic activity and a growing business sector, supported by numerous professional development opportunities.

The South East of England is known for its excellent training and professional development opportunities. The region's local government headquarters are in Guildford, and the region contains numerous towns and regions, which are important business centres and areas with higher population densities. These include Brighton, Canterbury, Chichester, Oxford, Portsmouth, Gatwick, Southampton, Winchester and Wokingham. Other important economic centres are Reading and Milton Keynes, where numerous training providers are located.

The population of the region as been on the increase over the past two decades, making the South East  the most populous of England. The more densely urbanies areas include Brighton and Hove, Portsmouth, Reading and Southampton. Important economic players in the region are located in the Greater London area. Recent business initiatives, the entrepreneurial potential in the region and the government's support for R&D activities have made the South East a prosperous region with a growing incentive for professional development activities.

Professional training opportunities in the South East

With a general, growing concern for sustainability, business activities in the South East have incorporated new technologies and green initiatives, enabling business leaders and entrepreneurs to develop their ventures using environmentally friendly equipments and a qualified workforce with a concern for the social impact of the organisations they are part of. Numerous partnerships between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors have been launched to support responsible corporate activities in the South East of England. Professional development intitiatives are part of the key agenda for supporting the region's economic and intellectual potential. Qualification schemes, aligned with industry-wide requirements are incorporated in professional development courses available across the South East of England.

Who benefits from professional training in the region

The South East of England has long and prestigious academic tradition, being home of the UK's biggest universities with a concentrated hub of courses in Oxfordshire. Close proximity to research centres and financial support available for R&D activities in the private sector are attractive for a growing number of local, national and foreign investors. New business ideas are launched and implemented into viable projects every term, which significantly contributes to making the South East a top location for business development, with a focus on innovation and responsible business activities.