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“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Turkey is the go-to hub for accessing tricky neighboring markets through its internationally-friendly marketplace and open culture. Its cities feature exquisitely preserved architectural sites alongside skyscrapers and reflect Turkey's simultaneous embrace of growth and its rich history.
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Why choose Turkey as your next business destination?

Don't overlook Turkey for your upcoming training requirements. As the bridge between east and west, Turkey offers professionals unique access to insight on a variety of markets. Professional development takes top priority in this country's growing and thriving economy. Turks describe Istanbul and Ankara as cities of the world and international expertise is utilized at every opportunity.  In addition to business opportunities, Turkey's world-class tourist economy will make your stay comfortable and stimulating with activities to suit a variety of tastes. 

Turkey's focus on professional development

Turkey's thirst for trade and focus on development have driven them up to the 7th largest economy in Europe, and 18th highest GDP in the world. With rapidly growing textile, automotive, and energy sectors in addition to a long-thriving tourist industry, Turks are focused on the professional development necessary to steer these growths. Increased opportunities for professional development in areas like Finance, Business Administration, Logistics and Technology also make it an ideal location for those looking to take training courses in areas such as project management abroad.

Istanbul and Ankara are Turkey's largest financial centers and draw talent from around the world. Following the last decade of economic growth, Turkey has invested in infrastructure, education and improved quality of life for its residents and these factors have contributed to a stable constant growth.  A strategic area of develop that the national policy-makers currently focus on, is the development of a solid Human Resources base, that would further support the recruitment and selection of a highly qualified workforce for all sectors. Professional development is a strong area of focus in all sectors of the economy, to prepare both technical and top management professionals.

Explore a world-wide tourist destination after your training

Roam the historic streets of Istanbul, cruise the Bosphorus or the sunny coast, shop designer shops or the serpentine aisles of traditional markets, receive a luxurious spa treatment at a five century old Turkish bath, and sample Turkey's cuisine most describe as a fusion of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Turkey's large size and developed transportation gives you access to a variety of archaeological and natural wonders should you be lucky enough to have the weekend free.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, finding ultra-luxurious or competitively priced accommodations is simple. Turkey embraces visitors and welcomes international professionals.Turkey's history as a multicultural empire gives the city an inclusive and hospitable feel and you may be convinced by your tour guide, taxi driver, or waiter that you are in-fact Turkish and should consider a move to Turkey.

How do I schedule my next training in Turkey?

Find English-taught courses delivered in Turkey by browsing our list of courses. Find the subjects and the titles that interest you and submit information requests. You will receive all the details needed to start the course that best meets your training requirements.

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