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Proofreading or Proof reading? Whatever you choose, one of ContentETC's proofreading top tips is that you have to be consistent. From the basics of proofreading marks and symbols to more advanced editing skills, our professional proofreading training course will cover it all.

Successful proofreading can make the difference between a really effective piece of writing, and one that confuses, bores or even antagonises your reader. If you ever have to check copy or content for mistakes, then this practical interactive online elearning course delivers everything you need to make you quicker, better and much more effective at proofreading.

The course comes in 3 parts:

  1. What proofreading is, where mistakes occur and the skills we need to be an effective proofreader
  2. The knowledge required to proofread effectively
  3. Methods and processes

You will learn:

  • What proofreading is and what it can achieve
  • All the areas that proofreaders need to check
  • Working with your house style
  • Layout, formatting and typography
  • Dealing with numbers, dates and facts
  • Grammar, tenses and spelling
  • Key punctuation rules and guidelines
  • The most common errors to correct
  • Getting the most out of your proofreading tools
  • The proofreading marks used by professionals
  • A variety of reading and checking styles and methods
  • How to overcome proofreading barriers and hurdles

...and much more.

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Feedback from the trainer

The beauty of elearning is that you can do it at a time and place to suit you. But you won't be alone! Your trainer, Karen May, will talk you through the key points to improve your skills and knowledge, and at any time during your elearning course, you can email her with any queries or comments.

Karen can also give you invaluable one-to-one feedback on your own work. If you buy the trainer feedback option with your course, she will ask you to email a piece of work that you have proofed after you have completed the elearning. She will supply you with individual guidance, comments and practical suggestions. Then, once you've improved your work, she will review your revised content and provide a second set of comments. This unique feedback really brings your elearning to life and makes sure you have truly grasped - and applied - all of the key principles.

Suitability - Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for proofreading copy.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

Certificate of Attendance

Training Course Content

Exercises and quizzes

To check your understanding of the theory, during this e-learning course you will be quizzed on all aspects of proofreading.

Top tips and checklists

Handy tips and checklists at key stages of the course. These cover vital topics including:

  • Developing a fresh eye
  • Using a dictionary
  • Making multiple passes
  • Checking corrected proofs against marked up proofs
  • 10 ways to effective proofreading


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26 Feb 2019
Would recommend

I really enjoyed the course, I found it easy to follow and the feedback element was really useful. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning or polishing up their pr...

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02 Sep 2018
Many thanks

I found this course very helpful. I certainly learnt some things about how I was proofreading and some new tricks for the future. It took right amount of time too. Many thanks. ...

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16 Oct 2017
Highly recommend this elearning course

I have been a writer/editor/proofreader for 17 years and, on occasion, take refresher courses to keep my skills sharp. The proofreading class offered by ContentECTC was very inf...

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Proofreading is an ideal companion to our Top 20 Grammar Mistakes and how to fix them and Sub-Editing courses.