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Course description

Public Speaking for Success Online Training Course

The ability to inspire, engage and enthuse others with your words and passion is a vital tool for leadership, sales and virtually all aspects of business. Great public speakers are able to communicate in a way which captures attention and drives action. Conversely, poor public speakers can damage their own reputation as an expert and tarnish others' opinion of the organisation they represent.

While we all know how to speak, it is a common mistake to assume the same methods can effectively transmit important ideas and persuasive content to large groups of people. Public speaking is a skill, not a natural talent, and most people are petrified of it simply because they have never been taught how to do it well.

Set aside your fears and calm your nerves while you learn exactly how to master the art and science of persuasive public speaking. This course has been designed for anybody wishing to improve their confidence and capability in this essential business and personal skill. The information presented is supported with practical opportunities to enhance the skills, aptitudes and otional mastery needed to successfully wow your audience.

By taking this course you will learn the methods, tools and knowledge needed to successfully present your ideas and expertise to an audience of any size. This course takes you on a journey through the essential knowledge, psychology, practical steps and personal development needed to optimise your public speaking performance. Worksheets, quizzes, tests and interactive exercises are provided to support your learning and enhance your abilities.

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Suitability - Who should attend?

Who can take the course?

Anyone who has an interest in learning more about this subject matter is encouraged to take the course. There are no entry requirents to take the course.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

What you will learn:

  • How to prepare yourself otionally and practically to deliver a great speech
  • Methods to enhance your credibility, authority and appeal as a public speaker
  • Planning tools and preparation techniques which enhance the quality of your speech
  • How to use your voice and body to authentically connect with your audience
  • Best practices for opening and closing speeches to optimise their effectiveness
  • Psychological techniques which help you relax and influence your audience
  • How to prepare presentation materials and visual aids suitable for your audience

Benefits of taking this course:

  • Learn how to identify and overcome the common fears and anxiety associated with public speaking
  • Gather practical experience, feedback and data which will improve your skills and confidence
  • Identify and upgrade your vocal qualities to make your delivery more interesting and appealing
  • Receive detailed processes and otional guidance to support speech preparation and delivery
  • Develop your own unique style of presenting which allows your personality and expertise to shine

Training Course Content

Module 1: Preparation and Delivery

  • Understand what it takes to prepare a great speech
  • Establish the importance of personal credibility and integrity as a public speaker
  • Know how you can generate ideas and topics for an upcoming presentation
  • Investigate the importance of storyboards in speech preparation and delivery

Module 2: Delivering Your Speech

  • Investigate the tenets of successful speech delivery
  • Understand the importance of saying yes to the microphone
  • Establish the best practice when opening a speech
  • Pinpoint the mistakes to avoid when opening, delivering and closing a speech

Module 3: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

  • Uncover why so many people are afraid of speaking and learn practical steps to reduce anxiety
  • Understand how and why to gather feedback or data from a variety of speaking opportunities
  • Learn methods to improve the effectiveness of rehearsals and comprehend why they are so crucial
  • Develop confidence in personal, otional mastery and apply it to the speech preparation process

Module 4: How to Become a Proficient Public Speaker

  • Learn how to build up your vocal variety
  • Identify what type of speech delivery technique works for you
  • Prevent common mistakes in speech preparation and delivery
  • Understand how to communicate with clarity and colour

Module 5: Personal Development

  • Learn how to prepare for a speech with very short notice, or none at all
  • Analyse and implent the SMART speech preparation steps and process
  • Understand the benefits of presentation enhancent and how to make it work for you
  • Know how and why you need to review your speech and what happens if you do not

Course delivery details

We estimate that the course will take about 10 hours to complete in total, plus an additional 30 minutes for the end of course test.

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