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What is public speaking?

Public speaking involves talking and sharing ideas to a group, whether it be in a real time face-to-face setting or online via a stream or prerecorded video. Today, participation in public speaking events has become a typical responsibility for many professionals, and public speaking skills can be applied to a variety of everyday scenarios away from the workplace too.

A public speaking course from one of the top providers listed above will teach you how to turn each and every public speaking engagement you participate in into a memorable experience for all parties. Considering that an effective keynote speech, sales pitch or presentation could be a make or break  when attempting to advance your career, finalise a big deal or broaden the influence of your company, it is unwise to cut corners when improving your grasp of this important skill.

Distinguish yourself from competitors and begin delivering high quality speeches, presentations and video content that inspires audiences to get behind your vision! 

How will a public speaking course benefit me?

A public speaking course will show you how to develop your speaking skills with an end goal of becoming an effective speaker in all scenarios. Many of us view public speaking engagements negatively, with the National Institute of Mental Health reporting that public speaking anxiety, or glossophobia, affects about 73% of the population.

If you are among the majority who dread the prospect of having to speaking in front of a group, you are guaranteed to leave your public speaking course with increased confidence and a better grasp on how to beat back the nerves and verbally express with finesse.

What will a public speaking course cover?

The content of public speaking courses can vary depending on the type of speaking engagement you need to train for: conferences, multimedia (using various media - visuals, audio, etc), presentations, or simply giving an effective talk to your team. Different types of public speaking courses exist to fit all of these needs.

During your course you will receive expert advice from your instructor and spend time considering what constitutes an effective speaker. In many cases you will plan and practice your own short speaking presentations, and some might be recorded for you to view back and assess. You are also likely to receive feedback from your instructor and fellow participants during the process. Here are some examples of the content your public speaking course is likely to focus on:

  • Tackling nerves and boosting confidence
  • Structuring your speaking
  • Understanding your audience
  • How to incorporate anecdotes into your speeches and presentations
  • Creating a visual narrative with tools like Powerpoint or Keynote
  • Body language
  • Speaking on camera or with a microphone

Who should attend public speaking courses?

Public speaking courses are suitable for individuals of all academic backgrounds and career types, but are particularly useful to those who are frequently required to speak in front of large audiences. Alternatively, those who regularly deliver presentations, team talks or are required to appear on camera could also find public speaking courses beneficial.

Public speaking course formats

The majority of public speaking courses are delivered in-house at your company, or at the training provider's designated location. Since public speaking is hinged on the interaction between a speaker and audience, it is important to incorporate this dynamic into the training course for a more relevant learning experience. 

Both in-house and open training formats allow expert instructors to offer first-hand advice, demonstrate effective public speaking in person and give participants the opportunity to take part in role-play scenarios. Another benefit of in-house or open training is that participants can identify their strengths and areas for improvement through  feedback from their instructor.

Want to know more about what it takes to become a powerful public speaker? check out this article.

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