Course participant reviews for Introductory Confidence Building Evening for quiet, shy and introverted people

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10 Jul 2024
Lots of great information

Lots of great information and offering a clear idea of what you can get out of the course(s)!

C Chan
05 Jul 2024

It’s amazing how one evening can make so much difference! I’ve been wanting to do something about my social anxiety, and I was always told to just get out of my comfort zone and...

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Sophie Anne M.
10 Apr 2024
Uplifting and exciting

I didn’t really know what to expect going into the Q&A meeting, but I felt it is and I felt like I knew it was the right option for me. I was pleased to hear that I would have a...

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Louisa L.
05 Apr 2023
Introductory Evening

I really enjoyed this. I’ll be booking more courses

Adam P.
19 Jan 2023
A great confidence booster!

The evening provided a welcoming experience that I'm very happy I took part in.

Claire expertly guided the group through a series of immersive activities, ensuring everyone...

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14 Jan 2022
A magical evening

Any nerves I felt were quickly dispelled as Claire creates a very safe, and fun space for everyone, no matter how shy you might feel. I loved the exercises and I loved Claire's ...

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09 Jan 2021
A great taster and confidence boost

This was a great taster for understanding Claire's approach to helping people build confidence. It was very enjoyable and the exercises have given me a good feel for how this ap...

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08 Jan 2021
feeling confident

Feeling more confident after just the introductory evening. The activities were varied, interesting and fun and I left feeling more upbeat and stronger. There is definitely a po...

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28 May 2019
The best thing I've done for myself

I've suffered from social anxiety and shyness since as long as I can remember (I'm now 39). I'm very self conscious and will do anything to avoid speaking in groups and speaking...

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05 Jan 2019
Extremely useful in improving my confidence

The two hour taster session was well worth attending and I found it to be extremely useful in itself for improving my confidence and allowing me to be more self expressive and u...

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