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Realising the Potential of Natural Gas: A Guide to the Markets and Utilisation

3 days
3 days
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Course description

Over the span of three days, this compelling course will provide an introduction to the development of natural gas resources as well as spotlight the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing the world’s fastest growing fossil fuel from reservoir to consumer.  
Currently, low energy prices worldwide are challenging the natural gas industry’s best and brightest participants to extract the maximum value from their resources through ‘monetising every molecule’ and avoiding stranded gas.  This course will put you on the path to success by providing the foundational insight to assess and optimise project development options.  Then we will focus on what practical considerations must be taken into account to find, develop and monetise natural gas resources by a variety of methods including:

  • Pipelines
  • Gas to power
  • LNG
  • GTL
  • Gas-based petrochemicals

Through a series of real-life case studies and interactive team exercises, attendees will be immersed in the material to ensure comprehension.  There are no prerequisites for this course.

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  • Business development executives
  • Specialists (e.g. exploration and production specialists, geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers or process engineers) who wish to broaden their understanding of the technical, marketing and commercial issues of monetising natural gas
  • Managers who are relative newcomers to the gas business
  • Anyone with experience focused on one or two gas monetisation options requiring a broader knowledge of the range of options available.
  • Personnel involved in energy planning/investment decisions especially those working with governments or National Oil Companies
  • Anyone involved in the development or financing of natural gas projects


Natural Gas Resources Worldwide

  • Introduction to Natural gas - Terminology, units and acronyms
  • Natural Gas Resources Worldwide
  • Production of Gas Worldwide
  • Conventional and Unconventional Resources
  • Stranded Gas – What is it and Where is it?

Overview of Natural Gas Markets and  Drivers for Natural Gas Demand

  • Demand versus Supply
  • Independence of Gas Markets
  • Overview of Pricing in Key Regions
  • Future Demand Projections for Natural Gas by Region (incl Exercise)
    • Competition from other fuels

Exploration and Production

  • Introduction to E&P
  • Booking natural gas as reserves
  • Development options
  • Conventional vs unconventional gas

Natural Gas Utilisation Options:  Overview of technologies available for gas monetisation including, for each option

  • Full Risk Analysis (commercial and technical risks)
  • Overview Of Economic Performance
  • Market Drivers

The following utilisation option for natural gas will be reviewed

  • Natural Gas as Fuel:
    • Residential and Commercial Use
    • Industrial Use
    • Transport Fuel
  • Pipelines  and Virtual Pipelines
  • Power Generation  
  • Petrochemicals
    • Methanol
    • Methane to Olefins
    • Fertilizers (Urea and Ammonia)
  • Gas-to-Liquids
    • Fischer Tropsch and Gas to Gasoline technologies
  • LNG
    • Including Liquefaction, Shipping and Regasification
    • Floating LNG
    • Small-scale LNG

Matching reserves size and characteristics to development options

Economic Assessment of Development Options

  • Matching gas field characteristics to gas monetisation options
  • Net back gas pricing

Socio-economic Benefits of Gas Resource Development

  • Employment
  • Skills Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Exports/Balance of Payments/Foreign Investment

Developing Natural Gas Resources

  • Integrated projects – from exploration to production
  • Introduction to Gas Master Plans
  • Comparison and prioritisation of gas monetisation options
    • Economic factors
    • Socio-economic factors
    • Other considerations

Conclusions and Course Wrap up

Exercises and Case Studies Include

  • An Introduction to Terminology, Units of Measurement and Conversion Factors for Natural Gas.
  • Drivers for Demand
  • GTL versus Petrochemicals
  • Review of Large Scale LNG Projects
  • Power Generation Economics/Fuel Selection
  • Netback Gas Price Calculations
  • Developing a Gas Monetisation Plan
  • Examples of Real World Natural Developments (Case Studies)

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