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Tanker Ownership and Chartering - Advanced Strategies and Risk Management

3 days
3 days
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Course description

Tanker Ownership and Chartering - Advanced Strategies and Risk Management is a three-day instructor-led course presented by the energy training experts at Mennta Energy Solutions. Building on the knowledge gained in "Tanker Ownership, Chartering and Operations" (TD2), this three-day course offers delegates a more in-depth exploration of contracts and pricing issues surrounding the tanker industry. The course focuses on the implementation of tactics and practical strategies for enhancing commercial returns and business performance in tanker transportation - both from charterers' and owners' perspectives. It looks at how commercial risks may be hedged using freight futures or by entering into period charter agreements. Negotiating techniques and the key elements of contracts of affreightment are examined and discussed. A legal workshop provides a series of case studies designed to highlight some of the more common events impacting on commercial operations.

The course also looks at how companies have looked to improve their competitive positions through benchmarking and the development of tanker pools. In a high oil price environment, delegates learn how to improve voyage economics through optimising bunkering strategies.

The course emphasises sound commercial practice, drawing on the working knowledge and experience of the various industry speakers. Case studies and practical sessions provide delegates with hands-on experience of decision making in this area. While not essential it would be preferable for participants to have already attended "Tanker Ownership, Chartering and Operations" (TD2).

What you will learn

  • Understanding of the key issues facing players in today’s oil tanker markets and how companies are responding
  • Risk management through the futures and period charter markets
  • Successful contract negotiating
  • Strategies for improving operating returns
  • Some key decisions from cases in maritime law

Presented in association with Richardson Lawrie Associates (RLA) - a maritime economics and business consulting firm with an extensive global practice in oil, gas and chemicals transportation. Together with The Oxford Princeton Programme, RLA has been presenting training programmes for many years around the world.

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Delegates encouraged to attend include the supply, trading and risk management departments in oil companies as well as the commercial and operations departments in the shipping affiliates or divisions of oil companies. Also, the commercial and operations departments of ship owning companies and the planning and financial departments of shipping companies and oil company transportation divisions are urged to attend. Additionally, banks and financial institutions involved in oil tanker finance, accountants and legal firms dealing with energy transportation issues, oil trading and distribution companies and management new to the transportation sector will find the programme valuable.


Latest Industry Developments and Outlook

  • What is currently driving the markets
  • Implementation of IMO legislation and charterers’ requirements
  • Charter rates and prices

Freight Futures

  • Options and hedging strategies
  • Managing risk
  • Quantifying your position
  • The paper and physical markets

Tanker Pools

  • Strategies for improving the bottom line
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The criteria for successful pool operations

Period Charters

  • Negotiating contracts of affreightment (COAs)
  • Key contract clauses
  • COAs versus timecharters
  • Time charter parties

Case Studies on Maritime Law

  • Workshop studying actual cases
  • Some pitfalls to be avoided
  • The commercial impact

Improving Operating Performance

  • Benchmarking
  • comparing operating costs, practices and performance
  • Improving voyage economics through optimum bunkering strategies

Syndicate Work

  • There will be several exercises and case studies for syndicate groups

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