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Teaching Assistant QLS Level 2 and Understanding Autism QLS Level 3

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Course description

This Teaching Assistant QLS Level 2 and Understanding Autism QLS Level 3 course is a knowledge-based course that will allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding of the role of a teaching assistant as well as how you can support children and young people with autism. It is ideal for anyone considering a career as a teaching assistant who wants to understand more about the role, or someone currently working in education who wishes to expand their existing knowledge. During the teaching assistant section of this bundle course, you will explore topics such as how you can support the teacher in planning, teaching, and evaluating learning activities; communicating with children and young people to develop positive relationships; and how you can support the safeguarding of children in the school. The understanding autism section of your course will cover topics such as how you can support individuals with their communication, social interactions, and behaviour; the importance of person-centred values and practice when supporting children and young people with autism; and how you can safeguard individuals with autism.

Course Content

Teaching Assistant QLS Level 2

Unit 1 Supporting teaching and learning activities in schools

  • How teaching assistants can support the teacher in planning, teaching and evaluation of the learning activities.
  • The stages of planning.
  • Problems that may occur when supporting learning activities.
  • Strategies a teaching assistant may use to support pupils learning.
  • Providing feedback on learning activities to the teacher.

Unit 2 Communication and relationships with children, young people and adults

  • Communicating and developing positive working relationships with children and young people.
  • Communicating with adults.
  • Differences in communicating with adults and children.
  • Disagreements with adults and children.
  • Communication difficulties.

Unit 3 Provide effective support for your colleagues

  • The role and responsibilities of the teaching assistant.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of others in the school team
  • The role of external professionals.
  • Maintaining good working relationships.
  • Professional practice within schools.

Unit 4 Safeguarding children and young people: the maintenance of a safe working environment

  • Legislation, policies, and procedures for safeguarding children.
  • Prepare and maintain a safe working environment for children.
  • The procedures and actions in response to an emergency in school.
  • Types of abuse that children may experience.
  • Behaviour management.

Unit 5 Supporting children's and young people's development

  • Understanding physical, emotional, communication, social, and behavioural development.
  • Observation methods used to record learning and development.
  • Transitions that children may experience.

Unit 6 Schools as organisations

  • Structures of education.
  • Specialist schools.
  • Legislation and school policies.
  • The national curriculum.
  • The Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED).
  • The primary framework.
  • Early years foundation stage.
Understanding Autism QLS Level 3

Unit 1 Introduction to autism

  • The triad of impairments
  • Communication and social interaction
  • Repetitive and obsessive behaviour
  • Diagnosis
  • Effects

Unit 2 Supporting individuals with communication, social interaction and behavioural difficulties

  • Legislation
  • Formal and informal networks
  • Communication and social reaction
  • Managing behaviour

Unit 3 Understanding sensory processing disorder

  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Five key senses
  • The vestibular system’
  • Proprioception

Unit 4 Identifying and understanding other conditions associated with autism

  • Conditions
  • Supporting individuals

Unit 5 Supporting individuals with autism to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

  • Poor health
  • Social exclusion
  • Develop plans
  • Social inclusion
  • Safeguarding

Unit 6 The importance of person-centred values in supporting individuals with autism

  • Person-centred values
  • Person-centred practice

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