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Salford Professional Development

Salford Professional Development - Continued professional development training

Part of Salford University, Salford Professional Development (SPD) draws on over 100 years of educational experience and excellence to give professional delegates a chance to achieve their career goals.

Offering courses that give Continued Professional Development (CPD), SPD teaches participants new skills, ensuring that they are in line with the constantly moving goalposts of the workplace, and also gaining key qualifications at the same time. The courses have been designed to directly impact the careers of delegates, giving them the confidence and skills to progress in their chosen profession.

The wide range of professional development training available at SPD is: 

  • Education
  • Health and Social Care
  • Media and Digital
  • Business and Law
  • Built Environment
  • Public Services

The experienced tutors at Salford Professional Development will provide training of the highest quality, teaching from their own time and knowledge in the industry, giving participants an in-depth and unique learning experience. The range of courses are available both as scheduled open dates and in-house training workshops to individuals and organisations. The training meets industry standards and are accredited by professional bodies, giving delegates the best chance possible to enhance their career. 

Continued Professional Development is chosen by individuals who are looking to advance their knowledge and attain a professional qualification to get them an extra step up the ladder. Participants will be able to gain new memberships, learn new skills, technology and methods, or even start over in a whole new career.

Studying CPD courses will give a number of benefits such as: 

  • Learning new skills and gaining recognised qualifications
  • Developing new ways of working, approaching problems and managing yourself and others
  • Preparation to take on additional responsibility and increase earning potential
  • Increased confidence
  • Learning at a pace that is right for you and fits around your existing responsibilities.

Bespoke Training

Salford Professional Development offer the option to run courses in-house at your business, giving the maximum benefit to you and your employees. Theses courses can be run in a variety of methods and can be tailored to reflect your business needs, giving the organisation a boost in the right direction. This method can also reduce costs for a large number of students from one team or organisation.

The team at SPD will be able to talk to you and determine what it is that will give your team the biggest benefit, creating the perfect course for your organisation, picking the content, trainers and delivery.

Contact Salford Professional Development today and find out how you can benefit with a free consultation. 

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