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Where are APM qualifications recognised?

APM courses are available as online and through accredited organisations and educators found throughout the world. Choosing the area in which a student wants to learn or increase their project management skills often begins with an AMP foundation course, followed by the apm qualification that is seen around the world as the best learning option for professionals in project management. With many different options for professionals, assessing personal skills and determining which level of apm qualifications the perfect choice for the individual is always a good starting point.

What study modes are available for those who wish to gain the apm qualification?

apm courses can be completed in a relatively short period of time, with average apm qualification training courses offered over five days. The majority of apm courses are offered as blended or Online course options, although traditional classroom based training is still available throughout the World.

By completing an apm qualification, a professional in project management can expect not only to increase their skills in their chosen career, but research has chosen project management professionals with this qualification earn a higher salary than their unqualified colleagues.

How can an apm qualification benefit your career?

There are many reasons why these training courses are popular and allow entry into the largest project management organisation in Europe and its accompanying benefits. Over the learning period of these courses, each learner discovers the principles of project management and how these principles can be applied to any project. Training also gives the opportunity for an individual to achieve a higher level of understanding through completing the apm, which also allows the professional to understand and explain the principles they have learned to others working within a company or on a project. The apm qualification can also be used as a stepping stone for those looking to complete the professional exam offered by the accrediting APM organisation.

Why start your project management apm course today?

The apm qualification is just one in a wide range of training courses offered by the accrediting agency, which means this qualification can just one in a lifelong learning career in project management. Whether choosing a classroom based, blended or online apm course, qualification training can be found to suit the time and learning options best suited to each individual.

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