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More about Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) Training Courses

What is the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) Methodology?

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) refers to a methodology or best practice that refers to the coordinated organisation, direction and implementation of a portfolio of projects that is flexible and can be tailored to any project. Delegates learn how they can go beyond delivering outputs from projects through Managing Succesful Programmes courses.

Training in MSP® instructs delegates on the necessary skills and techniques that are required in order for multiple projects to be co-ordinated and delivered or for the delivery to be staged. MSP techniques allow delegated to coordinate very large projects, when a layer of control above and beyond project management is needed.

The practices that are used in Managing Successful Programmes courses are transferrable across a wide range of industries and bring together resources, people, budget and skills to ensure the smooth delivery of outputs. The set of principles and practices that MSP® is made up of can be used to achieve much more than other project management practices. Using MSP strategies to manage a programme enables you to manage your project accoring to your local needs. Managing Successful Programmes courses allow for transformational change as well, as they provide tools for furthering the outcomes that can be achieved from a project and deliver benefits that are of strategic importance.

Organisations use MSP techniques as it offers comprehensive guidance for the planning and management of strategic change programmes. More and more public sector organisations are using MSP to manage their projects and an increasing number of private corporations are also implementing MSP into their way of working.

Managing Successful Programmes Courses- Training Delivery Methods

Managing Successful Programmes courses come in a range of formats to suit you and your organisation. There are several types of MSP training courses, and the accrediting body is APMG International.

Courses come in the following formats with typical structures, but there are also a number of combinations of these courses that you can take:

  • MSP Overview course - 1 or 2 day course
  • MSP Foundation course - 3 day course
  • MSP Practitioner course - 5 day course
  • MSP Advanced Practitioner course - 3 day course
  • MSP Conversion courses

Find Managing Successful Programmes Courses to Suit You

Finding the right Managing Successful Programmes course for your needs starts with taking into account the programme management areas that you wish to improve in any specific requirements you have in your role. Browse through the different course proficiency levels, compare the courses that are available and request information from the course providers to check if they can focus on your professional area.

After you have found the MSP level that meets your learning needs, you should consider the learning style that is most appropriate for your working environment and the number of employees that require the training. If there are only one of two employees interested in the course, it might be suit able to attend an Open / Public MSP course, or if your organisation is looking to implement MSP then an In House / Company specific training option might be more suitable. There are also online / distance learning MSP courses available.

Projects and Project Management Training Courses

A project is a temporary effort to achieve a specific objective, in which a project manager is usually established and is then responsible for making sure that the goals are achieved. Project Management involves ensuring that a project is successful and is achieved, on time and within budget, and that the employees are motivated. Project Management training courses show delegates how to deliver a successful project, through bringing together all the pieces and players to ensure that all stakeholders are pleased with the end result.

Become a Skilled Project Manager with Project Management Training Courses

Skilled and well trained project managers are in high demand in the UK, and there are many jobs available. Thus, there are some project management courses which are focused on the supervisor's role and are industry non-specific, and other courses which are custom-made for specific industries. Project management courses can also be tailored to your organisation, and range from short basic courses of 1-2 days which cover the basics, to courses which teach the structure of projects, and longer more in-depth training courses that lead to certification.

It is interesting to note that MSP and PRINCE2 can work seamlessly together as complementary methods for managing programmes and their constituent projects respectively. MSP professionals may also be interested in Scrum courses due to its structured team approach to software development.

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