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Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.

The Project Management Institute - PMI is a global professional organisation committed to improving the best practice standards and the corporate responsibility in project management. 
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The Project Management Institute

PMI is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the project management standards through globally recognized accreditation and individual qualifications, community partnerships, comprehensive research agendas, and opportunities for professional growth.

The core values of the Project Management Institute are the PM impact, professionalism, volunteerism, community and engagement - which reunite experienced individuals in project management for a better institutional cooperation and work outcomes at all levels of implementation.

More about Project Management

Different business school and management approaches designed PM techniques designed to serve the long term goals of the firm and the market expectations. The concern for flexibility, added value and the goal-orientation are central features to the project management strategy developed over the last decade. Managers, consultants and business strategists devote their expertise to improving the flexibility of the project management model, in order to encompass the clients' demands and a sustainable business vision. 

Agile Project Management

The agile approach to project management, APM, is a fairly new approach to PM, which has already proven its advantages throughout one decade since its charter was issued. Compared to the classic project management approach, focused on meeting the costs and the initial project objectives, the Agile Project Management has been designed to improve the value added to the product / service  and the customers' demands.

PRINCE2 training courses

Professional training in PRINCE2 - Projects in Controlled Environments - is designed to suit the general project management knowledge and operations to industry-specific and environment-specific demands. The second edition of this strategy, PRINCE2, has become increasingly popular among experienced PM strategists who are preoccupied by dynamic and efficient resolutions for niche markets and not only. PRINCE2 is a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce in Great Britain and is widely recognised and used in the private sector worldwide.

MSP training courses

The MSP framework - project management through Managing Successful Programmes - is suitable for organisational projects undergoing change and knowledge-specific adjustments. As in the case of agile PM and PRINCE2, the key-asset of MSP is flexibility. It also brings an enhanced perspective on handling risk and change by assigning management level-specific attributions, that allow a great deal of personal adjustment and successful knowledge transfer between partners in the project.

PMI training courses provide the essential knowledge and tools required to manage and run successful projects.

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