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Design training coursesDesign Courses - Endless Opportunities

The United Kingdom is known for its excellency in art and design. Engaging and functional design of everyday objects, processes and systems is a direct result of good design practice, which begins with high-quality design training. Art & Design training courses are enormously diverse, ranging from Fashion Design to Automotive Design. Traditionally, design had its roots in the Fine Arts, centred on skills like painting, sculpting, printing and of course, performance and installation. For interest in home aesthetics, look into design categories like interior design, furniture design, garden design and ceramics textile design. The world of fashion is also rich in schools of design including general fashion design, textile design, and silversmithing and jewellery design. Flourishing Information Technology industries also provide for a wide range of creative design disciplines including multi-media and web design and graphic design involving the creation of websites, digital graphics and animation.

Design Training Courses - Explore the possibilities!

Participation in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a common requirement of many professional design organisations. This helps to ensure that design professionals can not only keep their skills up to date, but remain stimulated and engaged with the discipline.

Many of the design courses offered contain vocational elements, which can be invaluable assets to students hoping to gain skills towards that dream job. These aspects of design training can vary from basic references to business and professional study to specific subject-focused live projects.

Training courses in Garden DesignGarden Design

As home to the Chelsea Flower Show, the United Kingdom offers some of the most contemporary and cutting-edge Garden Design courses in the world. Garden and landscape design as a discipline is known for its innovation as well as creative influence throughout the public and private gardens of the UK. As a training course, garden design philosophy and practice equips students with the necessary skills to build, manage and possibly profit from their own landscape designs and projects. Many of such courses offer a certificate of achievement, a must for those who wish to gain paid employment as gardening professionals. Additionally, trainings courses frequently provide garden design students with the opportunity to engage in real-life experience with real clients and projects.

Interior design training coursesInterior Design

Interior design is a varied and creative field, and professionals in the industry can focus on areas such as space-planning or large-scale refurbishment. Often thought of as interior architects, interior design encompasses a number of skills and disciplines that can be honed and understood to a greater degree by studying an interior design course. Interior designers can even take it one step further by gaining skills in designing furniture, textiles and palettes for use in current projects. Interior design courses and interior decorating courses range from Certificate or Diploma level up to BA degree programs.

Graphic Design

Everything around us has a shape and a designed aesthetic. Today, many elements of the design process are largely achieved through work with computers. Courses and training in graphic design deal with stylistic and technical issues like colour, aesthetics and program functions and their application to different purposes. These practical and technical skills come into play when as a graphic designer, you will be required to build printed packs, websites, illustrations, advertising, with the help of a number of different computer programs. The goal of graphic design is to effectively communicate a message visually. Photography courses may also be an interesting complement to a career in graphic design. Graphic design is also a useful skill for video makers who might find training in editing technology like Adobe Premiere Pro a useful technical addition to their artistic skill-set.

IT Design

IT Design and Multimedia encompass the study, design, development, implementation, support and management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. Training and courses in Design and Multimedia are best suited to those who wish to work with or are already working with design and technology in their everyday lives.

Web Design

design, design courses, web designTraining in Dreamweaver enables students to create, manipulate and maintain advanced websites and  Internet-documents as well as addresses how to create and work effectively with advanced Web documents. There are a large number of niched Dreamweaver training courses that can be tailored to your business area or specific interests. To name a few, programs such as Web Editor, FrontPage, Illustrator, Layers and Templates may be common topics in beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses.

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