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What is corporate finance?

Corporate finance is related to many sectors including investment banking, insurance, real estate and shareholder business. The main functionality of corporate finance is dealing with the funds of the business and allocating them to different functions such as management, human resources and marketing in order to maximise shareholder value. The main motive is to acquire new business and run profitable campaigns for the firm. Employability opportunities in this sector is huge and participating in a corporate finance class can hugely increase the job prospects for participants.

There are many sources of capital for corporations such as debt capital, equity capital and preferred stock. In a nutshell, corporate finance decides on the basic criteria for choosing between investment projects, such as finding the net present value, assessing returns for the company, deciding on the budgeting, planning projects and division of surplus cash among the shareholders.

Important functions of corporate finance management include:

  • Investment and project valuation
  • Formulation of the dividend policy
  • Deciding on the working capital management
  • Securities & debt instruments
  • Risk and return procedures
  • Capital structure formation.

The main objective of these corporate finance courses is to help professionals succeed in decision-making scenarios and valuation processes for corporations.

Career prospects for professionals with corporate finance training

Corporate finance courses will benefit professionals involved in their organisation’s strategic and financial planning, as well as those wanting to transition into corporate finance from other areas of business. This includes corporate finance executives, portfolio managers, business analysts, corporate treasurers, lawyers and accountants.

Corporate finance courses combines theoretical learning with practical exercises, so whether participants are learning about regulation or capital raising, they will leave
the course better prepared to tackle financial problems. A number of providers offer role specific courses, tailored to specific professional backgrounds such as corporate treasurers. Additionally, corporate finance course providers cater for individuals wanting to hone their skills in specialist areas such as financial modelling or valuation issues.

Professionals taking these corporate finance classes will be able to expand their careers in many areas of financial and account management. Some common positions occupied by such professionals include financial analysts, consultants, investment bankers, corporate finance managers and bankers. They are employed in different sectors such as insurance, real estate, investment banking, stock exchanges, corporations and commercial banks.

Skills and responsibilities of corporate finance managers

Corporate finance professionals will have different responsibilities in managing the organisational finances, but will generally be involved in formulating overall strategy for the company, forecasting profits and losses, negotiating credit policies, preparing and analysing financial statements and communicating between all shareholders of the corporation including suppliers, vendors and consumers.

Some important skills covered through these corporate finance training programs include:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Statistics
  • Communication
  • Management

Corporate finance courses - training format

Corporate finance courses are offered as individual graduate programmes in many countries while some are also offered as open or scheduled courses by training providers. Online corporate finance programmes are also popular for professionals preferring the flexibility of virtual attendance, as well as the ability to revisit course material whenever necessary.

Owing to their applicability across many different sectors of the economy, these corporate finance courses are amongst the most highly sought after courses.

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