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What is electrical and electronic engineering?

The science of electricity is everywhere! Think about it, just about everything uses electricity these days— wireless communications, silicon chip design, nanotechnology, green technologies, power generation, household appliances, the wiring in your home, the list goes on! In this continuously evolving field, you are well-positioned for success both today and in the future. Learning this highly specialised skill will set you up for a career, not just a job.  

Examples of some courses of study are:

  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Circuit analysis
  • Computer programming
  • Digital electronics
  • System design
  • Motor control
  • Digital signal processing
  • Analogue electrics

What’s the difference between electrical and electronic engineering?

Electrical and Electronic Engineering both focus on electricity, but there is a difference. In electronic engineering, engineers work on the circuits themselves. These are the components that go into computers, smartphones, washing machines, etc. In electrical engineering, engineers work with the electricity itself. They solve the problems of production and distribution of electricity. 

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