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Safety in regards to fire is an important aspect of health and safety in the workplace. In order to prevent fires and be ready to react in the case of fires, the UK requires that businesses have a trained employee in place.
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Fire Wardens Courses – Available in Many Formats

Fire safety is highly regulated and fire wardens are a requirement in all workplaces. Because of this, a great variety of fire warden courses are available. The most common way formats are classroom and in-house. While classroom courses are a great option for many, in-house courses can be even more convenient. Because large workplaces will often require more than one fire warden, bringing the course to the workplace means that multiple people can be trained at once.

Fire warden courses are also available online. Some of them can be purchased by employers and delivered to multiple employees. No matter how specific your needs, there is almost certainly a course that will fully meet your requirements.

Contents of a Fire Warden Course

The duties of a fire warden will vary based on the requirements of the area they are in charge of. By UK law, all businesses must have a fire risk assessment carried out of the premises and review it regularly. Fire warden courses will teach essential fire safety knowledge that is applicable to every location. They will also teach participants to evaluate environments themselves so that they can determine the fire risks that are present.

For the safety of every employee, it is important that companies have an evacuation plan in place. Creating an evacuation plan and training other employees in how to use it is another topic that is commonly covered in fire warden courses. In order to test these plans, participants will learn how often they should be conducting fire drills.

While these skills will hopefully never be needed, participants in these courses will also learn how to choose and operate fire extinguishers. Properly placed fire extinguishers can be deployed in time to stop fire in its tracks.

Other Training Options related to Health and Safety

Health and Safety courses are available covering a wide range of topics. Training in first aid is something that could be useful at any time and any place. You never know when an accident could occur. A more specific area of training is manual handling. Manual handling courses teach participants how to move heavy objects safely and effectively.

There are also many certifications available related to health and safety. NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is one of the leading ones. It formed in 1979 and offers a comprehensive range of globally-recognised qualifications designed to meet the health, safety and environmental management needs of all places of work. NEBOSH certification courses are available covering a range of health and safety topics.

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