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NEBOSH Courses - Meet Essential Health and Safety Regulations

Everything you need to know about health and safety regulations. First established in 1979, NEBOSH is Globally Recognised Health, Safety & Environmental Qualifications.
Based in the UK, the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health publishes syllabi for the workplace and offers accreditation and training. By attending a NEBOSH accredited training centre, professionals can ensure that they are receiving meeting current government requirements that will be recognised by employers and organisations both in the UK and internationally.

NEBOSH courses are available in a number of formats to suit organisational requirements including in-house training, open courses, and distance learning. These courses are applicable to a number of fields across different professions.

NEBOSH Qualification Levels

There are three main levels of NEBOSH qualifications offered through NEBOSH courses:

  • Award Level Qualification

  • Certificate Level Qualification

  • Diploma Level Qualification

Award level qualifications from NEBOSH aim to provide a fundamental understanding of health and safety principles and precautions, as well as the practice needed in providing a comprehensive introduction to health and safety issues.

Certificate level qualifications attained from NEBOSH courses aim to provide participants with a solid foundation in health and safety. This level of qualification is specifically designed for managers, supervisors and staff who deal with health and safety issues on a daily basis. The certificate level qualification is widely taken in many sectors involving health and safety and meets the academic requirements of IOSH – the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

Diploma level qualifications from NEBOSH also provide an excellent foundation for further study.

Industry-Specific NEBOSH courses

NEBOSH courses are available to suit particular industries that require more specific health and safety or environmental training. These most commonly include courses in the construction and oil & gas sectors. The NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil & Gas Operational Safety is tailored to professionals to ensure that safe conditions are maintained. By offering a comprehensive presentation of the potentially endangering factors (environmental management in context, hydrocarbon processes safety, logistical operations) this NEBOSH certificate provides the necessary accreditation for technical operations on multinational platforms.

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