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Manual handling training: maximise safety and minimise injury

Manual handling is the act of exerting force to lift, push, carry, pull or move a heavy or cumbersome load. Because of the physically demanding nature of the task, manual handling is a common cause of physical injury both in and outside the workplace.

Despite the fact that it can cause injury, manual handing is unavoidable in many industries. Because of this, safety professionals, doctors of physical therapy and governing bodies have taken action to ensure that individuals and professionals understand how to participate in manual handling without physical injury.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has set a number of regulations and protocols for organisations and employees dealing with manual handling in the workplace. The MHOR, or Manual Handling Operations Regulations 2004 is the leading resource on compliance in manual handling for organisations, managers and participating employees. By providing your employees with a manual handling training, you can ensure that you are meeting regulations in the workplace.

Manual handling training in workplace health & safety

Manual handling training is an indispensable component of health and safety at work. Material learned through these training programs is relevant for both the employees carrying out the manual handling and the management staff which is responsible for ensuring employee training and compliance on the subject. Formal education through manual handling training can provide information, tips and techniques to significantly reduce workplace injury.

In fact, for individuals who engage in activities requiring heavy lifting in the workplace, manual handing training is a legal requirement. The responsibility to fulfill this requirement falls on the employer and is ultimately a benefit to both parties.

Manual handling training

Whether you engage in manual handling on an everyday basis or only on rare occasions, courses in manual handling teach the proper techniques to prevent injuries. Manual handling training can be applicable to anyone regardless of work atmosphere. From offices to factories, hospitals to warehouses, a manual handing injury can happen to anyone. After attending a course, employees will be aware of correct handling techniques, as well as government guidance on maximum weight recommendations.

Courses in manual handling cover areas such as:

  • Proper handling techniques
  • Safe lifting of objects and people
  • Lifting injuries and preventative measures
  • Regulations
  • Risk assessment

Manual handling training formats

The art of proper manual handling relates to physical postures and techniques as well as the way in which employees interact with machinery and their working environments. Depending on the specific nature and needs of each employee or working environment, manual handling training can be offered in both public and in-house formats throughout the UK.

While public manual handling training may focus on general aspects of posture, heavy lifting and machine safety, in-house training programmes can be tailored to the specific working environment of each organisation or team. This often makes them a more effective, efficient and cost-friendly option for companies. If you are an organization with a large number of employees who need training, in-house training might be for you.

Accredited training courses in health and safety

Accredited health and safety courses are governed by many important entities including NEBOSH, IOSH, CIEH, IFE, IMEA. These bodies are in place to ensure that courses meet educational requirements in code compliance and general safety issues. Accredited courses will provide a safer working environment for staff, which leads to successful and sustainable businesses. Accredited courses cover various areas including fire safety, work place safety, risk assessment, and first aid.

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