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What is the aim of forklift training?

Forklift operators are crucial to many industries and businesses across the United Kingdom, but it can be dangerous work. According to the British Safety Council, over 25 percent of workplace transport injuries involve a forklift. Forklift accidents can also be fatal, for both pedestrians and operators. Therefore, it is essential that all those that operate or work with forklift trucks be trained effectively. These injuries can indeed be prevented with smart training that focuses on compliance.

Learning how to operate a forklift safely is paramount for any forklift truck driver. While forklift training courses might vary in terms of delivery and depth, the training’s main goal is to teach you, or build upon former skills, how to effectively use a forklift. After completing training, you will often be certified to work with a forklift for a certain period of years. It is important to recertify your skills every few years, and different courses will cater to your specific knowledge level. Most courses conclude with a theory and practical test before issuing a certificate. The course will prepare you for that certification test.

What will I learn in forklift training?

Forklift training will aim to teach you the fundamentals of operating a forklift, including basics like starting, stopping and moving the truck and stacking and de-stacking. Most forklift training will also include essentials like truck maintenance, safety checks, and fitting and adjusting attachments.

Here are some, but not all, of the skills you can expect to acquire or refresh in a forklift training course:

  • Starting, stopping, and moving the truck
  • Stacking the de-stacking objects with the truck
  • Performing safety and maintenance checks
  • Mounting and dismounting the truck
  • Identifying the key parts of the forklift truck and its functions
  • Working with attachments, including how to fit, adjust, and remove them
  • Preparing the truck for travel

What are the different types of forklift training?

What type of forklift training you do will depend on your level of experience. Courses usually have multiple levels, and you should enroll accordingly. People who have no experience with forklifts must start with novice-level courses as those will cover the basics thoroughly. Once you have been certified to operate a forklift, you can do higher-level courses.

When evaluating a forklift training course, you should think about cost, course level, course duration, and accreditation. RTITB is the largest accrediting body for workplace transport in the United Kingdom. They set the standards for training, so you should see if the course you're interested in is RTITB-accredited.

Who should do forklift training?

Regardless of whether you are a forklift novice to someone who is interested in getting re- certification, there is a forklift training course for you. If you need to be certified in forklift training for your job, you will need to do a training course in order to be prepared to take the test needed for certification. If you have been previously certified, you will need to likely update your certification every few years. If you are going to go through a forklift training course, you should be aware of the seriousness of the endeavor. Your training (or lack thereof) could seriously impact you or someone else!

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