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What is an SMSTS course?

An SMSTS course, or a Site Management Safety Training Scheme course, is one that is crucial for anyone who will be working on a construction site. Construction sites are full of hazards, and anyone who wants a safe and effective construction site must be properly trained and certified. These courses are designed to show you the importance of safety on a work site and to show you how to manage both health and safety concerns of your workers. SMSTS courses also focus on compliance with safety laws.

SMSTS courses are the first step before getting the CITB Site Safety Plus certification, which lasts for five years. SMSTS courses will prepare you to take this test, which you will typically take at the end of the course. You may also be required to do homework and do some in-class presentations.

Courses will vary based on the provider, and you can pick one that works within your schedule. Some courses are spread out over a week or month-long period. Courses will also vary in terms of level. If you have never taken a SMSTS course before, you should take the most basic level. If you are interested in getting recertified by CITB Site Safety Plus, you can take a refresher course, which will assume you already have a basic foundation in site management safety. Also be sure to look for courses that are accepted by BUILDUK, which represents the UK construction industry.

Who needs an SMSTS course?

SMSTS courses are designed for those who work on a construction site, including project managers, site supervisors, site managers, and business owners. Some courses are designed for people for small or medium-sized businesses and others are scaled for larger businesses. Being certified in SMSTS is crucial because employers will often expect and require it. In order to get certification, you need to prepare for the test. An SMSTS course will prepare you for the test and help you earn or recertify your CITB Site Safety Plus certification.These certifications last for five years. 

Prerequisites for these courses require a solid understanding of written and spoken English and often require you to be a construction manager, or someone who will soon be a construction manager. Other than that and a basic high school education, you don’t need anything else to get certified, except for a passion for construction and safety!

What will I learn in an SMSTS course?

First and foremost, an SMSTS course will educate you on the ins and outs of having and maintaining a safe construction site. You can expect the following things to be covered in such a course, as they will be important for the CITB Site Safety Plus certification.

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act and construction legislation
  • What happens after an accident on a site
  • How to manage contractors
  • Risk assessment onsite
  • Communication skills & how to motivate staff
  • Occupational health safety
  • Working with electricity, heights, confined spaces, demolition, and more

Expect a lot of information and some homework. A SMSTS course is an essential stepping stone to becoming an efficient construction site manager.

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