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Hospitality, tourism, leisure and events - Explore the opportunities

Hospitality, tourism, leisure, and events management roles offer rewarding careers in diverse environments. The hospitality industry provides a range of job roles and career opportunities that require frequent training. The industry as a whole also has a critical role in the global economy, accounting for about 10% of jobs worldwide. Within this broad sector, stand out from the crowd by signing up for hospitality courses that provide you with certifications and qualifications.

Within the UK, hospitality provides long-term jobs with growing revenues and potential for upskilling. On a global scale, travel and tourism play crucial roles within international economies.

As the hospitality industry continues to grow, there is a continual need for training of staff and managers within this competitive market. Professionals should consider the wide range of hospitality courses available either in a classroom setting, online or in-house.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality courses are becoming increasingly popular as more and more employment opportunities are opening up, especially for those with recognised qualifications. We showcase courses for those with or without formal certifications and for those wishing to upgrade existing qualifications and experience.

Such courses, particularly those in hospitality management, enable participants to develop an in-depth of knowledge in management theories. Training in tourism and hospitality management can help to secure participants senior, long-term positions within the industry. These courses can therefore firmly establish the foundations of a secure and dynamic career.

Management courses aim to develop the skills and knowledge that needed, with the flexibility to specialise in areas of particular interest. Qualified managers will then have an additional competitive edge that can elevate them within their current and future careers.

Courses in business and management are also applicable within this industry with particular emphasis on managerial and entrepreneurial activities within hotels, restaurants, tour operations, events and conferences - all prime growth areas.

Travel and Tourism management training courses

Hospitality courses specialising in Tourism Management, Leisure Management and Events Management are designed to enable participants to develop their interest and expertise. Additionally, these hospitality courses stimulate critical thinking and use multidisciplinary perspectives to transform management problems into opportunities by the provision of relevant, research-led programmes that are designed with learners needs in mind, in order to develop the next generation of self-reflexive managers.

Event Management training courses

Events management is another rapidly expanding field within the services sector. Courses and training in this area enable participants to manage events that are well organised, and are capable of satisfying guests and participants on multiple levels. Participants will develop their communication skills and learn how to execute successful, large scale events, ensuring that they will become sought after in their field. 

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