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Telecommunications and Radio

The telecommunications, or telecom industry refers to the infrastructure, processes, technology and services which enable modern communication methods, such as telephone, television and internet messaging. Within this infrastructure and technology, signals containing information and messages are constantly being transmitted between transmitters and receivers. Today, telecom is a multi-billion dollar industry encompassing blue chip companies across the globe.

Careers in Radio and Telecom

Opportunities for employment and career growth are widespread in the telecom and radio industry. Aside from management professionals and entry-level workers in the services aspects, talented engineers and technicians are in demand the radio and telecom industry. The demand for these skilled professionals stems mainly from the rapid expansion of the technologies, servers, transmitters and receivers which make up the telecom infrastructure as well as their regular maintenance, repair and modernisation.

How a professional development course in Telecoms Engineering can benefit your career
With the fast pace of developments in the mobile technology and the fast expansion of the radio telecoms infrastructure, there is a constant demand for qualified engineering professionals to develop, supervise and optimise these technical processes. Engineering degrees are often the first launch into a career in the Telecoms industry.

To be on top of the most recent developments in the area, professionals in this area most often choose short professional development courses with a telecoms focus, available as open workshops, distance learning programmes and corporate training programmes delivered in house. With such professional development courses, telecoms professionals can brush up on their skills, keep up to date with the latest advancements, regulations and best practice.

What telecoms courses typically cover

Ttelecoms courses usually cover relevant topics for today's telecoms infrastructure - from broadcast technology, mobile networks and aspects of signalling, routins and key logistical issues involved in modern telecoms networks. Professional development courses cover interfaces, 3rd party support and vendor splits and the most suitable approaches for cross-technology integration. With their open courses and online training routes, training providers specialised in mobile and radio telecoms often cover Mobile and Wireless Communications, Network services support, digital signaling, as well as key issues relating to transmission, line coding and signal modulation.

With a professional development course in telecoms networks, delegates can stay abreast of the latest developments in telecoms technology, be that on multicast, broadcast mobile TV, location services or mobile devices. Get in touch with accredited training providers and choose the study mode most convenient for you.

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