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3 days

Course description

Successful Organisation Design makes a significant impact on performance, productivity and effectiveness. It is critical that people professionals align their design processes to their organisation's business model to help it meet its strategic objectives and overcome challenges that may emerge.

This programme shares the tools you need to proactively navigate challenges brought about by a rapid change in systems or environment, such as employment regulations, advancing technologies, ever-increasing cost pressures and turbulent times.

This tailored digital course is a blend of virtual classroom and self-directed learning, facilitated by a leading organisation design practitioner. It was designed by leading Organisation Design expert, Jaimini Lakhani.

You'll start by assessing the work that needs to be done to meet key organisational aspirations. Then, you'll be shown how to design options for aligned organisational systems.

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Suitability - Who should attend?

Is this course right for me?

This course has been developed specifically for experienced organisational change professionals, business leaders and consultants who want to take their knowledge of organisation design to the next level. It will enable you explore a variety of Organisation Design models and how to use data to inform decisions and drive change within your organisation.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

In this programme, you will:

  • explore what Organisation Design (ODS) is and is not
  • describe the relationship between Organisation Development (ODV), Change Management (CM) and Organisation Design (OD)
  • describe the underpinning systems theory of organisation design
  • become familiar with common systems models
  • explain your role in the OD process
  • explain four key influences on OD
  • explain the value of using a model and methodology for design
  • become more familiar with the Nadler and Tushman model and a 5-phase methodology
  • explain the core elements and challenges of the Starting phase
  • identify some strategies, methods and techniques for diagnosing the key issues
  • recognise how to assess both transactional and transformational elements in an organisation
  • demonstrate your learning using the Case Study
  • learn from others how they approached the task and why
  • ask questions to further embed your learning
  • explain the importance of design criteria to guide decisions and how to create them
  • learn how to focus on ideal workflows to map what activities are required
  • explore why organisations cluster activities the benefits and pitfalls
  • organise clusters of activities to form operating model options
  • explain how the different and interdependent organisation structures foster or hinder good work
  • explore why and how to test the structure options with linkages
  • appreciate the value of a systematic and planned approach to implementation
  • explain how to operationalise the high-level design by making connections to processes, systems, ways of working
  • build a transition plan that keeps leaders and other stakeholders involved and engaged
  • appreciate different techniques to sustain momentum through the transition
  • explain the importance of closing and reviewing design outcomes
  • explore techniques to continuously evolve and improve design performance.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • define how to diagnose whether Organisation Design is the optimal response to a change in business circumstances
  • make informed decisions in relation to the organisation or business issue and articulate the case for change
  • describe and plan an organisation design programme confidently, including mobilising the right skills, stakeholder input, and leveraging a variety of tools and techniques
  • apply the techniques and tools learned in this course to generate and maintain stakeholder buy in, embed the design, and measure and monitor progress.

Training Course Content

  • Define and demystify Organisation Design
  • Differentiating between Organisation Design, Organisation Development and Change Management
  • Organisations as systems
  • How to design
  • Differentiate the systems models that underpin organisation design work and how to choose which best suits your context
  • Analyse the Nadler and Tushman + 5 Phases approach
  • Examine each of the steps required to complete a design intervention from diagnosis to transition
  • Incorporate the relevant skills needed for project planning and implementation
  • Communicate clearly to leaders and other stakeholders involved and engaged in the design and implementation
  • Continuing the practical approach to design
  • The importance of transitioning a design so that it is embedded effectively into ways of working
  • Application of the skills, tools and techniques to maintain momentum.

Course delivery details

This course is delivered virtually over a 3 week period. Day one is a half day with 2 hours of facilitated online learning and day 2 & 3 have 8 hours of facilitated learning. An estimated 10 hours of self-directed learning is recommended for the duration of the course.

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