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Course description

Presentation Skills Masterclass

Learn how to present ideas with confidence, credibility and professionalism. Understand communication styles to improve your preparation and practise. Get your pacing right and learn how to create strong slides that complement your presentation. Overcome anxiety and power up your confidence.

You will learn to:

  • Understand what good preparation looks like
  • Develop a deeper understanding of you and your audience
  • Develop the skills of effective presentation
  • Present with increased credibility, professionalism and impact.
  • Become personally confident in yourself and your capabilities as a presenter

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Why the topic is important

In the changed world in which we live and work, many things about presentations remain the same. For the presenter, there is the chance to prepare and deliver a fresh idea. And their audience has the chance to leave the meeting, having had their thinking changed in a way that is useful to them. And yet how we are presenting and being presented to has undergone a significant shift.

And whilst every presentation is still very much an opportunity for change, how you approach and deliver presentations in the video world in order to make that difference, will need to change too. To get to this point requires a journey, bringing things with you that worked well before; and learning to adapt to what it takes to present well in this new place.

As we’ll be living with video for a while longer, how do you go about making a successful presentation over a screen? How do you create a moment where you can convey your idea, hear others and have everyone contribute and leave with value? How do you prepare, perform and build your personal confidence to enable you to do this?

What will the course do to support your marketing activities

It will enable you to get your ideas understood more readily, perform well and with impact when it comes to presentations and to create more successful outcomes as a result through:

  • Building a sound approach to preparation and practise
  • Understanding yourself and your audience more fully
  • Developing flexibility in your style and approach
  • Making an impact presenting over video
  • Developing confidence in your skills to deliver your material

Training Course Content

First steps

  • Introductions and goal setting: what do you want to be different after this session?
  • Defining success: what does a successful presentation look, sound and feel like?
  • Setting goals and getting on purpose: asking the right questions to set you off in the right direction

Preparation and practise

  • You: Understanding your communication style
  • Your audience: Understanding their communication style
  • Your content: Pulling together the pieces of your idea
  • Practise: What good practise looks like

Practical Matters

  • Slide rules: how to create good slides that compliment your presentation
  • Good Questions: handling questions well
  • Staying on track: keeping to pace and to time
  • Team presentations: some rules for smooth team presentations


  • Now that your audience is not in the same room: performing well on video
  • Developing your vocal toolkit: the four tools of effective voice
  • Practical: the opportunity to test the tools for yourself

Personal confidence

  • The purpose of fear: why it’s a good thing and how to harness it
  • Anxiety: three types of anxiety, find yours.
  • Adrenalin: take control of your energy and let it work for you
  • Visualisation lists: focus on the good things for a good result
  • Visualisation scripts: create and run a successful outcome in your mind

On the day: practical ways to stop nerves getting in the way of your presentation

And what’s more....

  • Rounding off the day, a one-hour facilitated discussion
  • Pull together your learning
  • Recognise what’s new
  • Raise and discuss what’s unresolved
  • Discover the answer

Next steps

  • Review of your goals: what difference will you make with what you’ve learned?
  • What’s next: what else do you need to do?
  • Barriers to change: what might get in the way?
  • Removing the barriers: how will you approach the barriers?
  • Your action plan: leave with development goals for you as a presenter.

Course delivery details

Virtual Classroom: Tutor-led, live, online classroom environments

The IDM Virtual Classroom is face-to-face, peer-to-peer learning – in the digital world. It lets you keep learning, wherever you are, and to connect with others, no matter the distance.

The IDM’s Virtual Classroom offers:

  • An interactive classroom environment
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration
  • An engaging platform experience
  • Practical learning through hands-on exercises
  • Online access anywhere you can get an internet connection

Courses are structured in a time-friendly format consisting of three to four sessions per day, broken up into 60 to 90 minutes of learning, instead of the conventional approach of listening to lectures and notetaking.

Before starting your course, you’ll receive joining instructions outlining any technical requirements, plus a unique login link via Zoom.

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