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Production Technology for Other Disciplines - PTO

PetroSkills, In Houston (+2 locations)
5 days
5 days

Course description

Production Technology for Other Disciplines - PTO

PTO is an asset team course as it introduces a broad array of important daily Production Technology practices to team members. Terminologies, expressions, axioms, and basic calculations regularly utilized by Production Techs are covered throughout the course. Emphasis is upon proven technology required to effectively develop and operate an asset in a multidiscipline development environment. Practical application of technology is emphasized. Both theory and actual field examples and well completion programs are studied along with class problems, exercises, and videos. Nodal analysis examples to assess well performance are set up. Well completion equipment and tools are viewed and discussed. Participants work several exercises such as basic artificial lift designs, acidizing programs, gravel pack designs, and fracturing programs. Shale gas and oil development challenges are thoroughly explained. Horizontal and multilateral technology is presented. The course includes the use of computers, which are provided at additional cost, with one computer for each two participants.

"I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. It's excellent when you attend a course and you are immediately considering how it applies to my job." - Reservoir Engineer, United Kingdom

"Excellent teaching and very comprehensive course material." - Reservoir Engineer, Malaysia

Suitability - Who should attend?

Exploration and production technical professionals, asset team members, team leaders, line managers, IT department staff who work with data and support production applications, data technicians, executive management, and all support staff who require a more extensive knowledge of production technology and engineering.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

How To:

  • Apply and integrate production technology principles for oilfield project development
  • Choose basic well completion equipment configurations
  • Perform system analyses (Nodal Analysis) to optimize well tubing design and selection
  • Perform basic artificial lift designs
  • Apply the latest shale gas and oil extraction technologies
  • Understand the chemistry and execution of sandstone and carbonate acid jobs
  • Design basic sand control gravel pack completions
  • Evaluate well candidate selection to conduct a hydraulic fracturing campaign
  • Apply new production technology advances for smart well completions
  • Maximize asset team interaction and understand the important dynamics between production technology and other team member disciplines

Training Course Content

  • Role and tasks of production technology
  • Completion design
  • Inflow and outflow performance
  • Artificial lift well completion systems (beam pump, gas-lift, ESP, PCP, plunger lift)
  • Formation damage and well acidizing
  • Perforating practices
  • Sand control
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Shale gas and oil development
  • Smart well completions
  • Field surveillance and data