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Treasury and Risk Management Certification Training Course

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01 Apr - 05 Apr, 2024 (+27 start dates)
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Course description

Managing the potential for a cash shortage is a part of treasury management. The purpose of this role is to ensure that the company has enough cash to pay all of its bills on time. It works closely with cash and liquidity management to control any risks that may arise about the availability of funds. To help you grasp the relevance of the subject matter, it is pertinent to start from the very basics –

What is treasury and risk management?

Treasury and risk management is the management of the holdings of a corporate body to mitigate the risks associated with finances, reputation, and operations. Essentially, Treasury and Risk Managers monitor and manage a firm’s liquidity – investments, funding, asset utility, disbursement, and collections – to operate the safest possible routes.

Why study treasury and risk management?

The Treasury and Risk Management course has a two-way benefit chain. First, it benefits corporate bodies. A corporate body can realize more profits due to reduced losses and mitigated risks. Firms could improve risk assessment, management, and risk effect mitigation to improve asset management and financial flow. In addition, the Rcademy certification course on Treasury and Risk Management will also allow you to make more informed and prospectively safer decisions.

Management is an essential aspect of the operations of any corporate entity. It is instrumental in planning, execution, oversight, and control of the different sectors of a firm. The Treasury and Risk Management Certification Training Course by Rcademy explores the best management practices for an aspect that is key to the continued existence of any business entity – risks and finances. Maximum profits, less damage, and easy adaptation to compliance laws and industry regulatory provisions are essential. This course is the best shot at them.

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12 Nov - 14 Nov, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Al Khobar

01 Apr - 19 Apr, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Amsterdam

23 Oct - 25 Oct, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Amsterdam

25 Dec - 29 Dec, 2023

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  • Cape Town

23 Dec - 27 Dec, 2024

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  • Cape Town

12 Aug - 14 Aug, 2024

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  • Istanbul

14 Jul - 16 Jul, 2024

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  • Jeddah

23 Sep - 27 Sep, 2024

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  • Lisbon

26 May - 30 May, 2024

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  • Manama

17 Jun - 21 Jun, 2024

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  • Nairobi

08 Jan - 12 Jan, 2024

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  • Prague

22 Feb - 24 Feb, 2024

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  • Sharm El Sheikh

11 Mar - 22 Mar, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Toronto

04 Dec - 08 Dec, 2023

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

11 Dec - 13 Dec, 2023

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

03 Jan - 05 Jan, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

15 Jan - 17 Jan, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

06 Mar - 08 Mar, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

01 Apr - 05 Apr, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

17 Apr - 19 Apr, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

09 Jun - 11 Jun, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

02 Sep - 20 Sep, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

11 Sep - 13 Sep, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

15 Sep - 17 Sep, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

14 Oct - 22 Oct, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

02 Dec - 06 Dec, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

11 Dec - 13 Dec, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

Suitability - Who should attend?

The Treasury and Risk Management Certification Training Course by Rcademy is designed to help you achieve the following:

  • Have a better understanding of the operation of the treasury department
  • Be able to create risk management strategies that are relevant to the context of the organization
  • Discover the ability to analyze, determine and execute strategies for risk management as it pertains to individual firms
  • Be skillful enough to manage cash flow and liquidity for improved financial returns and reduced costs.
  • Evaluation of potential opportunities for investments that could further boost the organization
  • Determination of long- and short-term finance methods for corporate bodies
  • Recommendation of hedging strategies and safer risk management decisions

Training Course Content

Module 1: Overview of Treasury Management

  • Finance management
  • Introduction to liquidity management
  • Introduction to risk management
  • Introduction to working capital management

Module 2: Roles and Scope of Treasury Management

  • Roles of Treasury Management
  • Scope of Treasury Management
  • Location of the treasury department
    – Cost center
    – Profit center
  • The operational framework of a treasury department
    – Decentralized department
    – Centralized department

Module 3: Comprehensive Analysis of Liquidity and Cash Management

  • Forecasting cash and cash flow
    – Roles of cash flow
    – Preparation of cash flow
  • Cash surplus management and investment process
  • Short-term finance
    – Cash shortage management
    – Cash calls
  • Determination of the best level of working capital management
  • Detailed group and international cash management
  • Cash control, cash processing, and budgets

Module 4: Financing Process

  • Objectives of corporate strategies
    – Exploring strategies for growth
    – Debt consolidation
    – Diversification
    – Joint ventures
    – Mergers
    – Acquisition
  • Financing strategies and objectives
    – Long-term analyzing
    – Long-term buying
    – Consumer debts
    – Public and private equity

Module 5: Capital Management

  • Detailed study of capital structures
    – Optimizing the capital structure
  • The capital asset pricing model
  • Corporate capital investment appraisal
    – Calculating the net present value
    – Calculating internal rate of return
    – Calculating payback
  • Corporate internal and external capital rationing

Module 6: Details of Risk Management

  • The four Ts of risk management
    – Tolerance
    – Transfer
    – Termination
    – Treat
  • Auditing and internal controls
  • Counterparty risk management
  • Credit risk management

Module 7: Processes of Risk Management

  • Spotting risks and uncertainties in corporate settings
    – Internal and external appraisal
    – Financial and non-financial risk appraisal.
  • Risk measurement process
    – Measure volatility
    – Standard deviation
    – Variance
    – Probability
    – Value at risk
  • Risk management strategies
    – Assessing possibilities
    – Determining the proposed strategy impact

Module 8: Commodity Management

  • Contract and agreement technicalities
    – Analysis of forwarding contracts
    – Analysis of forwarding agreements.
  • Stock and finance options
    – America calls and puts
    – European calls and puts

Module 9: Interest Rate and Currency Risks

  • The Future of corporate currency
    – Market correlation
    – Margins of profits and loss
    – Equity indices
    – Financing requirements
  • Detailed swap study
    – Benefits of interest rates and currency
    – Risks of interest rates and currency
  • Principles of foreign currency borrowing
  • Foreign currency accounts operation
    – Tactics and method of operations

Course delivery details

To aid proper dissemination of information, improved understanding of risk management, and skill acquisition for the participants, Rcademy has designed this course to be participatory. With each phase of the course, the participants learn through theory and experience. In addition, each course segment is augmented with simulations, workshops, group study discussions, and case studies adapted for interaction.

Experienced hands teach the phases of learning in the industry. Each trainer is established in their respective niches through years of active practice. The modules are broken down so that participants are first grounded in the basics before they advance to the complexities associated with the treasury.

Furthermore, the course has a learner-friendly method of evaluation and feedback. Learners will be evaluated and re-evaluated until they fully grasp the concepts. Finally, the participants will access soft and hard copy handouts and other course materials to facilitate revision in future circumstances.

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