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Office / Admin / Secretarial

Discuss training and courses related to Office / Admin. Here you can discuss different training providers, ask questions regarding courses within the subject and get valuable input that may help you choose the right course. is the largest independent directory of training courses in the UK and in this thread you can discuss anything within the subject of Secretarial / Office and Administration Skills with other professionals and trainers, and course providers.

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3 What is the difference between a Personal Assistant (PA) and an Executive Assistant (EA) ? 11/11/2016   Allyson Hello! Could you please tell me exactly what it's the difference between a Personal Assistant (PA) and an Executive one (EA)? I am interesting in working as an office assistant and I want to...
1 What courses do you need to get a job in an Office / Admin role? 30/09/2014   marijosesobrino Good evening, I´m writing because I´m an Administrator-Accountant, but in my country Spain. So I would like to know which courses could I do in order to find a job in the U.K. related to secre...
1 How can I improve my efficiency 03/07/2014   peter Are there courses that are weekly or fortnightly that cabn help a person improve efficiency anywhere that are not so expensive ? I am interested in starting one very soon.
0 What courses do you need for an admin job? 22/05/2014   Gina I really want to get a job in administration, do you know what courses you need for admin jobs?
1 How to start a career in admin? 02/12/2013   clare Hello, I am looking at starting a career in admin however i'm not sure which area i want to go into, is there any information you could give me on this matter as i will be looking into taking ...
1 office management course calendar 02/12/2013   ABUBAKAR ABDULRAHMAN I need any office management course schedule for next year - do you have a calendar that is easy to see which courses are on offer and when?
1 Which are the best courses for secretaries? 08/08/2013   shelamariesildo Can you show me which are the best courses for secretaries?
0 Office Admin training for office manager 01/07/2013   MUHAMMAD NOOR SABER I am working as Office manager so I need a training in office administration
1 administration and secretarial training 30/10/2012   Mahlako I'm searching for advice about administration and secretarial training
1 Company secretary courses 13/09/2011   linda.a.pitt company secretary training courses
0 Admininistration Assistant Course 15/07/2011   Leah can you help me to find the administration assistant diploma course?
0 Admin Assistant Diploma course 07/06/2011   Izabela Looking for a Administration Assistant DIPLOMA course
0 Basic admin course 17/05/2011   m.mcmahon189 what course is best for me I want to do a basic admin course?
1 Photocopier courses 06/05/2011   d1bc_2000 is there any photocopier training courses?
0 CMIS training courses 03/05/2011   raff_dewing62 I work at a University and I am being introduced to CMIS which is a software for timetabling and room booking. Do you have any one day workshops for this training in the East Midlands?
3 EPEX 12/11/2009   Karla Stubbs I have been looking into jobs within the NHS and have seen many are asking for candidates with knowledge of EPEX. I am struggling to find where I can enrol on an EPEX course. Any ideas?
1 Online Sage Training 10/09/2009   Ron Hi, my admin team could do with some training in SAGE to keep them up to scratch with the programme and to make sure they understand fully how to use this programme. Can't afford for them to h...
1 Secretarial and office training 26/08/2009   Michelle Johnson Hello Findcourses, I am a secretary in London and have just started a new job in a much larger company, and i need some more professional secretarial and office admin skills to meet the extra...
1 Admin training course? 02/03/2009   Henry I need to educate five of my staff with an administration course so that they can use our recordkeeping system better.

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