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Learning at Work Week 2017

Learning at Work Week is a national awareness week that celebrates learning in the workplace! Since it's launch in 2009, Learning at Work Week (LAWW) has grown and got bigger and more exciting each year.

Learning at Work Week takes place annually in May across the UK and even abroad. The dates for Learning at Work Week in 2017 are 15-21 May 2017 and the theme this year is 'Curious & Creative'. Organisations are free to take inspiration from this theme, or to settle on their own theme depending on their needs.

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What is Learning at Work Week?

Formerly Learning at Work Day, Learning at Work Week is a week-long celebration dedicated to putting the spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development in the workplace. What started as an awareness day back in 1999, has grown into a week of learning opportunities for organisations in the UK and is now a core part of most Learning & Development department's annual planning. 

The Campaign for Learning is behind Learning at Work Week which aims to provide a supportive and inclusive approach to learning in the workplace. LAWW promotes the idea that all employees should be given the opportunity to learn, particularly if they have not previously been able to do so for reasons ranging from inflexible organisational structures to personal barriers.

Findcourses.co.uk is proud to be partnered with the Campaign for Learning and actively promotes Learning at Work Week every year in the hope of reaching more employees and opening up opportunities for people to learn in the workplace.

Free training workshops for Learning at Work Week

Findcourses.co.uk helps organisations looking to plan a Learning at Work Week get in touch with training providers who would like to offer their services, in the form of free taster sessions, workshops or sample courses. We've asked all the training providers we work for to deliver free workshops for Learning at Work! Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your workplace.

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Last updated: 23 Mar 2017