Learning at Work Week: Live

Thank you to everyone that joined us for Learning at Work Week: Live this October!

The learning at work week:live event is now closed but you can see what we did here

Learning at Work Week:

  • Runs annually, usually in May
  • Aims to encourage learning in the workplace by asking companies to focus on learning for a week
  • findcourses.co.uk helps match companies wanting to run a taster session for Learning at Work Week with training providers
  • In 2020, we ran our biggest ever virtual learning event 

Learning at Work Week 2020 

Learning at Work Week is a national awareness week that celebrates learning in the workplace! Since it's launch in 2009, Learning at Work Week (LAWW) has grown and gotten bigger and more exciting each year.

Learning at Work Week takes place annually, usually in May across the UK and even abroad. However, due to COVID-19, the national dates have moved to 5th - 11th October 2020.

What is Learning at Work Week?

Formerly Learning at Work Day, Learning at Work Week is a week-long celebration dedicated to putting the spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development in the workplace. What started as an awareness day back in 1999, has grown into a week of learning opportunities for organisations in the UK and is now a core part of most Learning & Development department's annual planning. 

The Campaign for Learning is behind Learning at Work Week which aims to provide a supportive and inclusive approach to learning in the workplace. LAWW promotes the idea that all employees should be given the opportunity to learn, particularly if they have not previously been able to do so for reasons ranging from inflexible organisational structures to personal barriers.

findcourses.co.uk is proud to be partnered with the Campaign for Learning and actively promotes Learning at Work Week every year in the hope of reaching more employees and opening up opportunities for people to learn in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learning at Work Week: Live?

Learning at Work Week: Live is an online event that welcomes both HR leaders and individuals to take part in free, 30 minute learning sessions. You can watch our free learning sessions from 2020 here. 

Key Points:

  • Free online learning event
  • Runs for about 3 hours
  • Join via your web browser and/or Zoom
  • Simple registration and login process
  • Walk around a virtual hall
  • Attend up to 16 bitesize learning sessions
  • Roundtables/discussion rooms for HR leaders
  • A range of topics covered

How often do you run Learning at Work Week: Live?

We plan to run it annually, alongside Learning at Work Week!

Can I include LAWW:Live in my learning plans for Learning at Work Week?

Absolutely! We know that many of you aim to achieve a certain amount of learning hours during Learning at Work Week and we want you to be able to use our free, live event to count towards those hours.

There is no limit to how many people from your company can sign up (and your friends too - it's open to everyone!) and every attended 30 minute session counts towards learning hours!

Do I have to join for the whole 3 hours?

No, not necessarily! We know that people's schedules are always tricky to plan, that's why we've made the sessions short, so you can slot them in around your schedule. 

Are the sessions live?

We have a mixture! Live sessions are a great way to interact with learning, but we use a mixture of live and pre-recorded so that you also have the chance to re-wind some of the sessions and watch them again. 

Who is Learning at Work Week: Live for?

Currently we run Learning at Work Week: Live for both HR professionals and individuals. We want the event to be worthwhile both for those working in L&D and those not. 

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