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U.K. L&D Report: 2018 - Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Are you curious about how other organisations are approaching their workplace learning strategy? We surveyed over 180 HR and L&D professionals to ask them about where their focus lies in 2018 to identify trends and patterns of high-performing departments.

In addition to our 15-page benchmarking survey results, we interviewed L&D professionals from organisations who have been recognised for their innovative practices in incorporating technology, measuring the impact of training, building learning cultures and incorporating apprenticeships to help inspire your strategy. Learn what learning professionals at companies like Getty Images, Johnson & Johnson, Pepper Financial Services, the Met Office, ZSL London Zoo and more are doing to give their company an edge.

This report is made available free-of-charge due to the generous support of our sponsors: The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, BPP Professional Education, ICAEW Academy of Professional Development, and Westminster Business School.

U.K. L&D Report: 2018

What's included?

  • The employee training budgets, training topics, and training methods of organisations in 2018.

  • Practical advice from L&D leaders to help you adopt new technologies, nurture a learning culture, get the most from the apprenticeship levy and measure and promote the value of workplace learning.

  • How learning professionals rate the executive engagement in learning, how they assess the impact of training and more!

U.K. L&D Report: 2018
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What people are saying:

I found the 2018 L&D report incredibly useful, offering great insights and statistical information that resonated with me as a HR professional. Understanding the trends in usage of such areas as external coaching, technology and leadership development is extremely important for any HR professional. I particularly enjoyed the articles on Virtual Reality and Innovation in L&D. Reviewing the report definitely led to some ‘lightbulb’ moments for me.

- Mark Hendy, Senior HR Practitioner

A great read- full of insights and practical examples of how we can support, build and benefit from learning cultures at work, and more!

- Julia Wright, National Director

Campaign for Learning

At Action and Theory, we always look forward to receiving the reports that produce.  

As a supplier we find the data they provide provides us with insights into the market, which enables us to make better informed business decisions.

- Phillip Collins, Managing Director

Action & Theory

The 2018 L&D report was a fantastic, insightful read. We’re confident that the wide-ranging mix of statistics, articles, guidance and practical examples will benefit L&D and HR practitioners alike.

As an online training and apprenticeship provider, we found the content on the apprenticeship levy, the importance of integrating technology, and the business impact of training particularly enlightening. We’ll be sharing it with our CIPD students as a valuable resource.

- Lauren Jack, Marketing Executive

ICS Learn

Great collation of data from the L&D Report as usual with their reports. I will be using some of the stats to enhance my upcoming presentation at the CIPD Exhibition on the 25th of April at 1400: ''How to become a Learning Organization that is Talent Driven.

- Chris Goodwin, Managing Director

Results Driven Group

Thank you to our sponsors:

Last updated: 18 Jun 2018

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