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More about Corporate Governance Training Courses

training courses in corporate governanceCorporate governance is based on principles that running a business in a structured way, will increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing uncertainty. Corporate governance also ensures that the business will be conducted with all integrity and fairness, being transparent in all transactions, making necessary disclosures, complying with all the laws, accountability towards the stakeholders, and commitment to ethical behaviour.

Why is Corporate Governance important?

Corporate governance indicates that there is a level of confidence that is associated with a company. As such, corporate governance means that there is a presence of a group of independent professionals which make up the board of directors contributing towards ensuring confidence in the market. Additionally, good corporate governance is also known to have a positive influence on the share price of the company. Training courses in corporate governance allow managers to learn the necessities of good corporate governance before there is a scandal.

Training courses in Corporate Governance - Topics covered?

Corporate governance courses aim to provide delegates with an understanding of key governance debates and principles while offering best-practice advice on compliance. These courses often explore key governance frameworks and regulatory factors. Many courses will include in-depth coverage of the UK Corporate Governance Code, as well as corporate social responsibility elements.

Training courses in Corporate Governance - Who should participate?

Courses in corporate governance are designed with many different speciality topics including leadership for senior managers, risk management, corporate updates on laws and regulations, corporate actions, and effective corporate governance, and more. Given the varying topis in this area, courses in corporate governance are suitable for secretarial staff, lawyers, accountants, internal auditors, risk managers, those involved in investor relations, directors and board memebers. 

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