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What is a small business course?

Small businesses courses will provide you with a comprehensive idea of everything you will need if you're interested in starting and running your own business! From appraising your business idea, to market research, to financial advice, these courses guide you step-by-step through everything you will need to know to plan and establish your business.

The content of small business courses can vary, generally you can expect to cover the following:

  • How to construct a focused and workable business plan
  • How to promote your business, what finance options are available and the best way to form the business and business regulations
  • How to set up and use social media ie Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest

Check out the course details of any above that sound interesting to learn more about the content before you commit.

Why should you take a small business course?

Whether you think you've got the best idea of the century or else simply interested to learn more about the world of business, then small business courses are a great starting point! From strategy and business planning to pricing and marketing, these small business courses will get you all geared up and ready for your new endeavor.

So, if you're aspiring on becoming the next Jeff Bezos, then have a look at our small business courses and see which one is most suitable to your level and needs! 

Frequently asked questions

  • To start a small business in the UK, you will need to research and plan your business idea, register your company with Companies House, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and set up a business bank account.

  • You can register a small business online through the Companies House website or by using a formation agent or accountant. The process typically involves choosing a company name, providing details of the company directors and shareholders, and paying a registration fee.

  • There are various small business courses available, including online courses, short courses, and full-time degrees in business, entrepreneurship, and management. Some examples include the Level 3 Certificate in Starting Your Own Business, the Small Business Growth Programme, and the MBA in Small Business Management.

  • The best course for running a small business may depend on your individual needs and goals, but some of the top-rated courses include the Small Business Growth Programme, the Start-Up School, and the Entrepreneurial Leadership course at the University of Cambridge.

  • Small business management involves planning, organising, and controlling the various aspects of a small business, such as finances, marketing, operations, and personnel. It requires skills such as leadership, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, and can be learned through various courses and training programmes.

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