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Data is quickly proving to be one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century, with analytics serving as the catalyst that brings it to life. Businesses and organisations across all sectors are now capable of harnessing the hidden value of the information in the masses of data collected and stored in their systems.

Thanks to cutting edge data analytics software and techniques, they are investing an increased amount of resources into discovering the valuable insights hidden in their data. Businesses and organisations can use these insights to detect emerging trends and changing behaviours, in turn increasing their competitive advantage, long-term sustainability and revenue.

Meet the demand with a data analytics course

In a data driven economy in which data sciences are increasingly being adopted by companies across all industries, the demand for data fluent and tech-savvy employees is far exceeding the available supply and thus companies are struggling to recruit the required talent for their business intelligence and data analytics ambitions.

Data analytics courses will equip you with the unique set of skills needed to meet this demand and begin converting data into valuable insights. There are a great range of training options available for newcomers as well as those looking to sharpen existing skills, learn to use analytics software or focus on a specific field of data analysis, such as business or fraud prevention for example. 

Who is a data analytics course suited to?

Since data analytics is relevant and beneficial to professionals in a wide range of industries, governmental institutions and research organizations, course participants are likely to be made up of a variety of professional backgrounds and motivations. Here are some examples:

  • University graduates interested in pursuing a career in data science and business analytics
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and broaden their skillset in the fields of data science, business intelligence and data-driven decision making.
  • Entrepreneurs who aim to start a new business or grow an existing one by enhancing it with data-related components and capabilities
  • Decision-makers, leaders and managers interested in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skillset in the field of data science and business intelligence in order to be able to compete on analytics rather than on intuition alone.
  • Life-long learners interested in broadening their knowledge in the new field of data science and business analytics

Data analytics course content

Most data analytics courses serve to provide a broad familiarity with the relevant concepts of data analytics and data science and how they can be applied to a wide range of business, scientific and engineering problems. Courses will survey techniques and methods, drawing on applications from social, political, economic, legal, and business and marketing fields. 

Topics covered could include:

  • History of data analytics and data science
  • Defining key terms and understanding analytics jargon
  • The key drivers for data analytics (data, math, computation and analysis)
  • The different types of data
  • The different concepts of machine learning
  • Interpreting, reporting, and visualizing the results of data analytics
  • Computational and data storage considerations for data analytics
  • Big Data tools and techniques
  • Current trends in data analytics
  • Harnessing artificial intelligence 

Data analytics software courses

Many data analytics courses will have a software-focused approach, and there are a variety of effective tools to choose from that enable users to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualise data from any combination of sources.

From Oracle to Excel, data analytics software provides companies and organisations with greater insight into their business processes, their market, and their customers. Fast, convenient access to enterprise information improves decision making and enhances business performance overall.

Frequently asked questions

  • A data analysis course is an educational program that teaches individuals the skills and techniques necessary to analyse and interpret data effectively. It covers topics such as data collection, data cleaning, statistical methods and data visualisation.

  • Data analysis is important because it helps organisations make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. It can improve efficiency, increase profits, identify patterns and trends, and drive innovation.

  • A data analysis course is definitely worthwhile, as it equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to work in various industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, and more. It also helps professionals advance their careers by developing data literacy skills.

  • There are various courses available for data analysis, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, online courses, and professional certifications. Some popular options include Data Science, Business Analytics, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning.

  • The cost of a data analysis course varies depending on the institution, level of study, and course format. Online courses can cost as little as a few hundred pounds, while postgraduate degrees can cost upwards of £10,000. Professional certifications typically cost a few thousand pounds.

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