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Are there any evening classes near me?

Asking this question is the first step towards personal development. Whether you want to invest in your career with some professional courses, work on your side hustle or simply indulge in one of your passions and learn a new skill, findcourses.co.uk has the course for you.

Want to work on your presentation skills or find a new job? Sign on to a Public Speaking or Interview Skills course. Thinking of starting a business as a beauty therapist? Attend a Beauty Therapy and Makeup Course. Or if you simply just want to learn a new skill for fun, there are courses as varied as Wallpapering and Wine Appreciation.

Courses vary in price and length, running from a few hours to a few weeks. You might find an evening class near you that suits your schedule, or perhaps an online distance learning course that gives you more flexibility, such as the Online Course in Herbs and Honey from the University of Athens!

Whatever you decide, investing time in yourself, your skills and your qualifications is always going to give positive returns. Whether you finish a course with extra credentials to add to your CV or more to talk about at your next dinner party, you can’t go wrong with attending an evening course near you!

What jobs can you get with an evening class qualification and who are they appropriate for?

There is a wide variety of evening classes which you can attend, some of which have attainable qualifications, and others which offer a less formal outcome.

For example, on completion of one of the HND Business & Marketing Online Distance Learning Courses, successful candidates are awarded the Pearson Edexcel BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business & Marketing (HND) at Level 5 in the UK Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF).

Other courses, such as ones for cooking, will simply equip you with the skills you were looking to improve or award a certificate on successful completion of your course. However, any personal or professional development you undertake can only be positive for you. At findcourses.co.uk you can search and compare courses that offer the correct outcome for your needs.

Prerequisites for studying evening classes near you

Each evening class has different prerequisites. Some specify a minimum age, certain grades, fluency in a language or experience in a specific industry. However, you can always contact the training provider to find out more if you are unsure of which course you can apply to.

What might you learn in an evening class?

Class content depends on the evening class you choose to attend. You might find yourself learning about money laundering, bribery and UK and international legislation in a course covering Financial Crime. If you attend a course that works towards attaining a Wedding Planner Diploma, you will study the psychology of a bride, folklore, traditions and etiquette.  At findcourses.co.uk, there are over 500 different courses you can choose from! Check the class content from each training provider and start your new adventure!

Frequently asked questions

  • The timing of evening classes in the UK can vary, but they usually start between 6-7pm and finish around 9-10pm. Some classes may be held on weekends or during daytime hours.

  • The cost of evening classes in the UK varies depending on the subject and the level of instruction. On average, they can range from £50-£200 for a course. Some classes may offer a pay-as-you-go option.

  • You can take a wide variety of evening classes in the UK, including academic courses, vocational training, personal development, and hobby classes. Some examples include languages, arts and crafts, dance, cooking, coding, and photography.

  • Yes, there are some free evening classes in the UK, usually offered by community centres, libraries, and charities. However, they may have limited availability and require pre-registration.

  • Yes, you may be eligible for financial support to take evening classes in the UK, depending on your circumstances. Options include government grants, bursaries, and employer funding.

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