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More about Family Law courses for Solicitors, Lawyers and Barristers

Legal aid and representation in court in family law cases

Find out how you can handle better family law cases for the best outcomeFamily Law practice connects to a broad range of advisory services and mediation regarding cohabitation, marriage, civil partnerships and children upbringing. Children Law, closely connected to issues debated in Family Law cases, covers in greater detail children's rights, upbringing, adoption and parental responsibilities. The two areas are often intertwined in practice. Hence, law professionals require continuous professional updates in both areas to be able to best represent their clients in court.

Recent legislative changes in the UK state that as of the 1st of April 2013 parties will no longer be able to get legal counselling for most types of family law. The UK government has been making cuts across the board and this latest change entails that fewer parties will be receiving assistance with legal fees. The legal aid cuts will affect divorce cases, children upbringing, parental responsibilities and prohibitive steps applications. With increased costs for the clients, professional practicing family law face increasing pressure from various parties in achieving the desired outcomes in court.

Stay up to speed with the latest changes in Family Law by attending a professional development course. Legal training providers listed above are accredited bodies who run their courses in line with CPD requirements and who can help you complete your yearly record with relevant knowledge and best practice.

Family law connects an important number of authorities, public agencies and influence groups which can take part in cases such as private disputes or social decisions regarding family law. In light of the latest legislative changes across the  family law applied in England and Wales, a more open view of family law is promoted. It is currently agreed that a broader understanding of the context in which the law works is required, so that legal professionals are able to  indicate the policy areas where improvements can be made.

Find out more about the legal qualifications required to start practising law in the UK. You can study with one of our accredited training providers for your bar exam, receive your credentials and continuously develop your expertise in the legal area that interests you most.

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