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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Finance for Non-Financial Managers training has become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses have come to the realisation, particularly after the financial crisis, that non-financial managers can become more effective in their roles when they have a better understanding of financial concepts and clearer picture of how their actions can affect financial results.

Finance for non-finance managers courses and focuses on giving professionals in non financial positions an understanding of finance and focuses on the terms and concepts necessary to liaise effectively with financial personnel and ultimately make better business decisions as a result.

Indeed, as all non-financial managers have some degree of decision-making power in areas that effectively determine financial outcomes, it has become crucial for organisations to ensure that they have the financial knowledge necessary to make the right decisions.

Focus Areas of Courses

Courses in finance for non-finance managers usually focus primarily on financial and accounting jargon and terminology, which are the first and perhaps the greatest hurdles for non-financial figures to overcome.

Another important aspect is coming to terms with financial statements and how they should be read and interpreted. Different providers have developed slightly different course outlines, but the training will generally cover key financial concepts and their applications and/or implications, as well as an element of effective interaction with financial colleagues.

Finance for Non-financial Managers Course Formats

The most popular formats these courses are offered in are classroom, in-house and online. The last two options are designed to accommodated time-constrained professional. The in-house option is designed to accommodate many participants without removing them from the workplace for extended periods of time. The online option gives the individual the freedom of choosing when to engage with the material and has the least impact on professional and personal life.