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What are screen printing courses? 

Screen printing courses, just like any other subject, are lessons intended to inspire and build your confidence, by providing you with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to improve your talent. 

Throughout these courses, instructors will also be holding group discussions and demonstrations, during which you will be taught several things, such as: 

  •  Learning to make torn and hand-cut paper stencils
  • Mixing colour
  • Overlaying colours and shapes
  • Screen preperation and exposure

Furthermore, you will also get the opportunity to see and inquire about these techniques being applied in real-time, before trying them out for yourself! 

Why take up screen printing lessons?

If you love getting your hands dirty, working in a studio, or feel drawn in by the concept of creating something from scratch, then you should definitely sign up to a screen printing course and learn the basics of the craft. From inking to building stencils, these lessons have got you covered.

Taking up a screen printing class can bring you a step closer to a new and exciting career, or even more importantly, intensify your passion − besides, it’s never too late to rekindle your artistic side! 

How do you learn to screen print? 

From learning the basics of stencilling techniques to producing a finished screenprint, taking up a screen printing class comes with a lot of advantages that you and your talent will definitely benefit from. Throughout these courses, certified tutors will make sure to provide you with individual attention, helping you to build confidence and improve your work through constructive criticism and tips. 

In addition, these courses will also include several approaches which will continue to improve your screen printing, such as: 

  • Introductions to colour mixing and experimental printing
  • Tool-making workshops, teaching you how to create and develop specific stencils needed for certain different printing techniques
  • Applications of different kinds of paint and ink to canvases
  • Idea generation and implementation techniques, quick decision making, and self-criticism
  • Texture and pattern making 
  • Experimental printing techniques 

Through these approaches, you will therefore eventually have: 

  • Hands-on experience with specific materials and techniques
  • Exposure to numerous practices and ways of screen printing 
  • Developed abilities to help improve your overall skills
  • Been exposed to experimental projects

Even if you don’t have any experience in the craft of screen printing, you still shouldn’t feel discouraged from applying for these courses. As a matter of fact, material taught throughout will always touch upon the foundations, meaning that everybody can follow and take part. 

Where and how to take screen printing courses?

A simple look through our search engine will help you find several screen printing courses, all over the UK. From institutions to universities, to online, these classes are offered in various ways, giving you the option to choose the most ideal channel that best suits you!


A classroom course usually takes place at pre-designated institutions, colleges, or universities, providing the ideal choice for those who have a liking for hands-on practice in an academic setting.


Online classes are also an option, ideally for those who have a busy schedule and favor flexibility. In this case, you can freely participate in the course at your own pace and on your own time, without any restrictions whatsoever!

How much does a screen printing course cost? 

Fees for these courses differ greatly, so you shouldn't hesitate to sign up, even if you are on a limited budget − we have a course at any price point!

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