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Quality assurance and auditing courses

Quality assurance and auditing courses are important to professionals in the auditing field who must keep up with the latest standards, techniques and best practice. Quality assurance and auditing courses cover many standards, including quality management (ISO 9001), environmental compliance (ISO 14001), health & safety auditing (OHSAS 18001), information security auditing (ISO 27001) and auditing of automotive products (ISO/TS 16949), laboratories and medical devices (ISO 13485) and more.

What is quality assurance and how can auditing improve your business practice?

Quality assurance entails the stages of defining, conducting, assessing, and improving an audit, depending on the management system in place. Organisations have different goals when conducting an audit, which range from certification, internal review, ensuring compliance. Depending on the size of the organisation, the audit can be carried out by an internal auditor or by a larger team of auditing professionals under the supervision of a lead auditor.

A training course in management systems auditing will keep you up-to-date with new approaches to auditing and the latest amendments to the ISO standards. Professional training with accredited providers will show you how you can enable the audited firm to gain a competitive advantage and conduct your auditing practice more effectively.

Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Auditing 

Many organisations choose to integrate the ways of ensuring that quality standards are met across all of their processes. An overarching solution for aligning quality management, environmental compliance, occupational health and safety practice and audits specific to the type of product/service that the company delivers is the Integrated Management System approach. IMS and the corresponding auditing procedures enable management teams to compile an effective strategy for the optimisation of their processes. A robust IMS must account for all possible changes in the internal organisation and external environment. It also needs to outline a coherent set of policies, processes and systems to manage risks, raise the quality standard and deliver the optimal experience to the customer.

If you wish to make a transition in your auditing career and diversify your expertise, choosing and integrated management system auditing course will give you the accreditation to lead the quality assurance and verification processes with a greater reach. Your knowledge and skills will be applicable in a great variety of contexts and industry sectors, as many organisations look to streamline their quality verification processes with

Quality Management Systems - QMS Auditing

Quality management involves techniques and methods for how an organisation will govern, manage and develop the comprehensive quality of its activities. These individual techniques and methods are usually summarised under the concept of quality technology. Quality management is a collective term for the tools, methods and theories about how the goods and service-producing organisations can achieve a high quality of in their products and processes. Courses in quality management systems auditing cover key methods for effectively auditing the way that an organisation is governed, managed and developed.

Environmental Management Systems - EMS Auditing

Most companies today have an environmental policy and invest time and energy in working on various ways to manage and improve their environmental impact, at both the local and global level. Alongside environmental auditing courses, many organisations meet this need by purchasing sustainability and carbon footprint training for their staff.

Across organisations, greater emphasis is being placed on environmental auditing, particularly among the most forward-looking companies, and attention is being paid to regulatory compliance and international standards in terms of environmental management. Furthermore companies who following the guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing will save time, effort and money for your organisation. With the environment at the centre of business and politics today, courses in environmental auditing will enable professionals to assess and improve their organisation's environmental auditing processes.

Health and Safety Audits

Audit for the health and safety management systems is regulated according to the  Occupational Health and Safety Act and is most often conducted in reference to the OHSAS 18001 standard. Since all organisation need to ensure a healthy work environment for their employees, as well as secure the service/product they deliver to be compliant, health and safety audits need to be conducted periodically by internal or external staff, who have the expertise for seeing the potential threats to occupational safety as well as ways of improving those. Courses in auditing to OHSAS 18001 provide guidelines and frameworks for understanding and implementing the framework.

Financial Auditing

The goal of a financial audit is to ensure that an organisation's financial statements and reporting to higher authorities have been carried out properly and transparently. Professionals in charge of conducting financial audits follow the compliance guidelines outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their training is often supported by general auditing training that enable auditors to tailor their recommendations to each audited firm and to cooperate to achieve the best outcomes for sustained compliance. Training courses in financial auditing provide essential knowledge and skills for evaluating the financial systems of a company.

Quality assurance and auditing courses are available for those starting out in the industry as well as for the professional looking to stay abreast of the latest developments.

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