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Paris is the wealthiest city in France and also boasts one of the highest GDP's in Europe.There are numerous professional development courses aimed at international candidates and Paris based organisations looking to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.
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Economic and Business Development Prospects in Paris

Historically renowned for its service industry the city also enjoys a robust electronics and international finance sector. Paris still relies heavily on tourism and as such a number of well respected service and catering courses are offered in the city.

Paris is famed for its hospitality and restaurant culture and has one of the most well managed and innovative food and service sectors in the world. As such a number of Europe's most respected and discerning culinary and service courses are run from the city by some of the most sought after and well regarded industry practitioners.

Professional Development Courses - Explore Your Training Options in Paris

Paris based training courses are the gold standard within the industry and are often seen as a sign of an excellent professional grounding. Gastronomic programmes in the city run anywhere from one to twelve months and cover areas such as French cookery and French pastry. There are also management programmes that focus on the internal workings of the hospitality industry. In all the courses hands on experience is encouraged and there is often the opportunity to undertake an internship at the end of the course.

Career Development Prospects in Paris

The city is also famous for its financial sector, with the second most fortune five hundred companies in the world behind Tokyo. As such the city has a busy financial services sector and leads the industry in professional development. With accounting and finance, banking operations and investment management courses offered both in house by large financial service employers as well as a number of privately run courses that offer the chance of future professional development. Fashion design is a French specialty, and fashion design courses may lead you to a career in Paris.

Top Sectors for Professional Development in Paris and France

There are a number of professional development opportunities in the city with the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors all employing and training large numbers of people. Paris' position as a global leader in a number of fields means that it is home to a number of very well regarded training courses that offer great opportunities for career development and the chance to work with some of the most well regarded industry professionals in the world.

Enroling on a career development course in Paris puts you at the heart of the economic and business scene in France. Contacting international, Paris-based training providers for an open or in-house training course in your area you can get the best quotes and the relevant information to book your course. Compare your options using the above list of courses.

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