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More about Animal Care Courses and Veterinary Training

What is Included Under the Field of Animal Care?

From insects and birds to dogs and horses, animal care is an exciting and thriving industry. Careers in animal care cover a wide spectrum of animal maintenance. Most commonly, animal care is associated with veterinary practice and caretaking services, such as pet day care and dog walking. Further, animal care professionals include those working in wildlife parks, wildlife sanctuary, national park reserves, and pet shops as well as researchers whose role involves caring for animals. Animal care courses exist to cover all of these areas!

Veterinary and Veterinary Assistant Courses

The veterinary aspect of animal care refers to the medical care of both domestic and wild animals. Depending on the context, veterinarian care encompasses general health, surgical, dental, diagnostic and therapeutic care. When it comes to domestic animals, or animals kept as pets, it is a primary responsibility of pet owners to provide veterinary care to their pets. Domesticated animals include animals kept as livestock, working animals and companion animals. Veterinary professionals may also be deployed to wildlife reserves in cases of medical emergency. Veterinarians are also able to specialise in a specific species or category of species, such as equine, livestock and exotic pets.

Today, medical care for animals is held to similar standards as that of humans. Similar to the oath of ethics which human medical care providers swear to, veterinarians are encouraged to swear an oath in which they swear to use their knowledge and skills for the overall benefit of society by protecting the health of every species of animal. It is commonplace for animals to receive advanced medical treatments, such as dental care, surgery, and treatments for long-term illness.

Animal care courses in the veterinary field will often prepare participants to become veterinary assistants. They will be set for a career in helping a veterinarian treat animals.

Animal Care Courses for Equines

Along with veterinary care, the equine / horse industry is characterised by passion and a love for animals. As such, the equine industry supports the needs of horses and aids their breeders, riders and trainers. Professionals in this industry commonly hold qualifications with enable them to provide basic care for horses, including nourishment, grooming and training. Further, equine professionals are often responsible for managing the business and resources associated with the horses and handling any horses in their care. Animal care courses specializing in horses and other equines exist to teach all of the above skills

Careers in Animal Care

When considering a career in animal care, the possibilities are great. Individuals with a passion for animals can consider pursuing a career in either of the two branches of animal care: veterinary care and maintenance and management. While veterinary care refers to the specific medical care of animals, the maintenance and management of animals encompasses the wide range of needs that an animal can have. Working in animal maintenance and management can mean working as an animal trainer, an animal researcher, a zookeeper, a park ranger and much more. Additional course offerings based in London, cover topics such as veterinary drug and vaccine development. 

A veterinary or animal care course provides the skills, experience and qualification necessary to work in the animal care industry. To begin your career, browse the list of animal care courses above.

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