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Understanding the City

BPP Professional Education, In London (+2 locations)
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Classroom, Self-Paced Online
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17 September, 2024 (+4 start dates)
Course delivery
Classroom, Self-Paced Online

Course description


At its heart, the City is a market place just like any other. But, it can often seem so much more complicated than that. This intensive one-day course introduces, in a logical and jargon-free way, the basic structure and operations of the City's financial markets. No prior knowledge of the City or financial markets is assumed.

Who is this for?

Legal professionals including Solicitors, Trainee Solicitors and paralegals.

Finance professionals including Accountants and Junior Accountants, Banking and Investment entry level personnel.

What will you learn?

  • Financial Risks Faced by Companies and how the City Can Mitigate Them
  • The Players - A Description of the Functions of:
    • Investment banks
    • Commercial banks
    • Private banks
    • Hedge funds
    • Other financial institutions
  • Role of the Central Bank and Regulator
    • What does the Central Bank do?
    • Role of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Currency and Money Markets
    • Currency market - Spot and forward
    • Money markets - T-bills, certificates of deposit and repos
    • Interest rates - Process of setting rates and implications for the macroeconomy
    • Interest rate swaps
  • Bond Market
    • UK gilts
    • Corporate bonds
    • Ratings agencies
    • Warrants and convertibles
    • Eurobonds
  • Equity Markets
    • Nature of shares - Ordinary and preference
    • Primary market - New issues of equities
    • Secondary market trading
    • Market indices
  • Introduction to Derivatives
    • Futures - Definition and terminology, using futures: speculators/hedgers
    • Options - Definition and terminology, simple uses of options: calls and puts
    • Interest rate swaps
    • Commodity markets
  • Insurance and Shipping Markets
    • Lloyd's of London
    • Baltic Exchange
  • Specific concepts and topics per Overview above - Full course outline also available

PSC Elective

This course may be taken as a PSC elective, although it may also be attended by non-trainees.

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17 September, 2024

  • Self-Paced Online
  • Online

9 October, 2024

  • Classroom
  • London

11 November, 2024

  • Self-Paced Online
  • Online

9 December, 2024

  • Classroom
  • London

Suitability - Who should attend?

This course will be of benefit to trainee solicitors and anyone new to working within the City of London or financial services generally who may wish to gain a broad understanding of the financial markets and products.

Training Course Content

By the end of this course you will be able to:Understand the role of the main financial markets and exchanges within the City of LondonExplain the different types of bank and banking activityDistinguish between ‘Buy Side’ and ‘Sell Side’ institutions and what they doUnderstand the terms brokers and ‘Chinese Walls’Describe the role of the Money Markets and the Bank of EnglandIdentify the key bodies in the regulatory process within the City, including the FCA and the PRAUnderstand the main types of equity and debt instruments such as bonds, shares and derivatives such as futures, options and swapsIllustrate the activities of private equity, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions groupsDescribe what the LME, Lloyd’s of London and the Baltic Exchange doInterpret the Financial Times and use the information therein to understand current events such as the Euro Crisis

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